truth or...DARE?

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Alright, this quiz is suppose to be about truth or dare. It's a good game, but kinda hard. It might be easy for you, but it's hard for ME! You have to do what the quiz says!

Did you pick truth? Dare? What are you go8ing to do if you picked truth? What are you going to do it you pick dare? You can find out now right here in my quiz!

Created by: Angelica
  1. Alright, you need to pick...truth...or DARE??
  2. Now, pick a number! 1,2, or 3?
  3. I don't know what to say next... (the rest of the questions won't effect anything)
  4. will you rate or comment? (still no effect)
  5. Did you like this quiz?
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  7. I don't know if we should be random or not, I only have 4 more questions left. Fine, lets be random.
  8. Popsicle
  9. microwave! XD
  10. I hope you liked this quiz! Bye!

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