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Thread Topic: Something weird.

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    6 6 sick Hot Shot
    Its said that caffeine can cause headaches,but for some reason when I DON'T have it I get the worst migraines ever and I feel very...I don't know.I can't relax if I haven't had some Coffee in the morning.I was never really a Coffee drinker before but lately its what keeps me moving.
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    SG115 Junior
    I drink caffeinated soda, yet don't suffer from headaches/migraines =|
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    harpusrox7 Senior
    I drink soda with caffine and I don't think it gives me headaches. I do get headaches sometimes but not that often so I don't caffine realy affects it for me
  • Nicholas1928 Newbie
    Caffeine is an addiction. When you give your body caffeine everyday, your body wants to have it everyday. Once you don't, you feel the headache and sometimes weakness.

    Caffeine doesn't cause headaches, but not drinking it if you're addicted to it? That causes headaches.

    Stopping the addiction may take two or three days though. Not big deal.

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