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Thread Topic: KFC!!!!!!!!

  • Veronica_v Newbie
    Who loves KFC?
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    Donotdisturb Novice
  • Veronica_v Newbie
    Well, which item do you like? Their Fried Chicken is just heavenly..........
  • Nicholas1928 Newbie
    I love all their menus, yet I really have to stop eating fast food. Not so healthy.
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    sapphiretwirl Senior
    I like KFC, especially their crispy chicken. I always order the $5 box that comes with chicken, wedges, and a biscuit and I order an extra biscuit. I love their biscuits. Whats really bothered me though is that they've reduced the amount of chicken they put in the boxes! But still expect you to pay the same price.
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    KFC Makes People Fat ._.
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    Anastasia Expert
    Actually, that's not necessarily true, Mark. Any food can make someone fat in excess. I read an article recently about a man who became overweight eating a vegan diet. The goal should be to eat a healthy balanced diet, and sometimes treat yourself in moderation.

    I like their biscuits too. .w. I like to dip them in the gravy.
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    coolme3 Senior
    I like KFC!! but they're replacing them with Popeyes here D:
  • Veronica_v Newbie
    Well, I agree with Anastasia
  • Hiccstrid Newbie
    I like the taste of KFC but I have not had it since my 9th birthday because I had a ton of it and I had an acid reflux and I thought I was going to throw up--I mean, that's bad enough as it is, but on your birthday? That's not as bad as when I crapped myself on my 7th birthday though.

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