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  • Which Music Genre are You?
    Your Result: Hip-Hop/Rap 77%

    Like this type of music you are as real as a person can get. People think of you as the rebel and the kind of person who doesn't fit in that well. You as a person are very good at singing and rhyming.

    Okay, the result that you gave me is not bad but I wanted a little bit of something else also. Thats fine though even though I wanted R&B/Soul. Anyways, besides that, great quiz hehe xD

  • Your Result: Alternative

    You see the world from a different perspective than everybody else like this type of music. People see you as a little weird but still very likeable. You as a person probably think that the world is against you.

    Alternative ? How'd you know? That's my favorite! And that description is pretty good. :)

  • Like this type of music you are fun and hyper-active. People think that you are fun to be around. As a person you can sometimes be reckless and also really nice but with some mean streaks.

  • Alternative. And I'm having a hard time forgiving the fact that you got the My Chem lyrics wrong.

    "Sing it for the ones that you left behind/Sing it for the world, sing it for the world..."

    Not 'world' that you left behind...

  • I got hip-hop/rap:) I can't stand that kinda music, but the description fits me perfectly:D Great quiz, very accurate;D

  • Alternative! Neat considering I'm looking into making my own genre/subgenre. I may be weird, I may be queer but I like it so I'm staying here!

  • I got Alternative. I think the others are too closely related.

  • No Rock? >:[ Me thinks this is not a VERY good quiz, but still Alternative is my 2nd fave genre so cheers to you on that mate :]

    Loony Luna
  • alternative yes XD i'm not weird i'm unique XD

  • R&B/Soul. Excellent quiz!

  • Meh,was hoping Rock N' Roll orHeavy Metal would be there.Oh well,still a cool quiz.

    6 6 sick
  • pop i love pop great quiz very accurate

  • [sorry for the comment-message] u say taylor swift, i say breaking dawn.us u say lady gaga, i say evanesence. u say miley cyrus, i say slipknot. u say t-pain, i say 3 days grace. u say kesha, i say linkin park. u say J. B., i say f--- you. u say flowers, i say puddle mudd. 92% of teens have turned to pop, and or hip-hop, if u r part of the 8%, post this to three other tests or videos. if u r part of that 8%, ROCK ON!!!!!!!

    rock chick xP
  • R&B, it was an okay quiz.

    rock chick xP
  • i got Pop second result Alternitive but my favourate music is Alternitive (my second favourate is Pop) get it?

    Girl From London

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