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  • Pirate

    Piracy normally is an act of robbery at sea. Piracy can also include crimes committed on land and in the air. It usually doesn't include acts of violence or crimes against people traveling on the same vessel as the pirate. The word "Pirate" has been used throughout history to refer to raids across country borders by non-government agents. You may have been a pirate by land, air, or sea.

    Makes sense.

    • I got pirate too!

  • Common peasant-74%

    A person who struggled day in and day out in a small village. You never wanted more and settled with what you had. You worked the fields and took side jobs as they came and was content with having a family. You focused on their wellbeing and providing food and shelter for them.

    ;_; I feel strange now...

  • I got common peasant, I don't know whether to laugh or be seriously offended.

  • No way I also got pirate!


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