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  • Rosen Embers
  • Hey
    "How has everyone been? I've thought about you all a lot. But I've been hellishly busy. A LOT has happened and between doctor appointme"
  • Hey
  • Hey
    "I'm alive b----es"
  • I'm so sorry
    "I knew it would hurt to lose her but I didn't think it would hurt this much. Mental fog for weeks. Sleeping constantly but not feeling it. E..."
  • Hey
    "Hello to both of you."
  • Hey
    "Yay! THANK YOU"
  • Hey
    "How has everyone been? Also, just so I'M not crazy tell me this: Is it common sense if you look in the fridge and see ro"
  • Hey
    "Was I introduced to her? Its been a while since I've been on here."
  • Hey
    "I have not seen Weirdhead. I have a whole list of reasons why life sucks hairy ass. Being an adult is sucky."
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    "Life sucks."
  • Hey Yall
    "Nothing like sitting under my boyfriends desk, playing games on my tablet while he plays games on his computer as we drink smoothies. "
  • Hey Yall
    "How do I post a picture on here again?"
  • "oh"
  • Hey Yall

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