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  • Dragon's Lair
    "Hey guys, sorry I never came back when I said I would. A lot of s--- has happened this summer, including the loss of my grandfather. I just ..."
  • Come, and Join Me
    "Hey guys, I am only online for this message. The day after I talked on here last, this site was blocked on my chromebook.Then, about three w..."
  • "I'm going to go to sleep. I have a busy-ish day and I can't be dying of sleepyness. Talk to you tomorrow night! Nighty night!"
  • "Yay!"
  • You ever miss something
    "okay we're good as long as the dog doesn't die. I'll look it up later if I get a chance."
  • You ever miss something
    "The dog better not die."
  • "Hahaha, no karaoke then. Hey! we made it to 4am!"
  • You ever miss something
    "That is....sweet sounding. Is there violence?"
  • "Great! I'll bring Jack, Nathaniel, Ivan, and Katrina. They are all cool unless you piss them off."
  • painkiller
    "It'll take time yes, but the important thing is to not make a new mask."
  • Excavation Site 64
    "I learn that in a threesome with a girl in the middle the guys can feel each other inside her. SO that has been haunting me."
  • "Let's find the fun demons then.I know a couple."
  • You ever miss something
    "What was it about?"
  • painkiller
    "Then un melt it and learn who you are. It won't be easy, but you'll be so much better after. I haven't felt this calm emotion wise in foreve..."
  • You ever miss something
    "I have something called Tubi. That is it."

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