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  • What Type of Beauty do you Have?
    Your Result: Classic Beauty


    Congratu alations, you are a classic beauty! This means that your appearnce is what was considered beautiful hundreds of years ago. You may have sharp, definate facial features and almond shaped eyes. You're skinny or average in weight, and rather pale.

    "Nice" Beauty

    Exotic Beauty

    Unusual Beauty

    Cold Beauty

    awesomegal444 Mar 9 '13, 2:27PM
  • Oh, I'm so glad this got so many views! (I made this before I had an account, so I suppose I'll need to link it, somehow.)

    No, I didn't add an ugly or average result. That was my whole point-everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Also, one cannot pin down the concept of beauty, because all cultures value different characteristics, and the ideal changes every few years anyway.

    My brain is naturally wired in such a way that I am unable to see anyone as "pretty" or "ugly". I just see faces, for which I am thankful.

    Again, thank you for everyone who chose to click this quiz! It means quite a lot to me!

    SilverBlueMoon Aug 30 '12, 1:06AM
  • I was considered beautiful hundreds of years ago. Thank goodness! I'm just glad that there isn't a plain or ugly option. Good quiz. I rated it 10/10.

    Topaz Aug 1 '12, 12:20PM
  • model buety awsome and dont worry ware wolfgrl you are a naturall buety no matter what no french toast:D

    i love zayn Jul 18 '12, 10:59AM
  • I WAS BEAUTIFUL 100 YEARS AGO!!!!!! #$@%&;*()!!!!!! !

    Anna marie diaz Jul 14 '12, 12:02AM
  • I WAS BEAUTIFUL 100 YEARS AGO!!!!!! #$@%&*()!!!!!!!

    Anna marie diaz Jul 14 '12, 12:01AM
  • Cool quiz can u ppl look at mine it is in the new quiz area it is called (are you a werewolf vampire dark angle or wizard)

    wolfgirl1920 Jul 2 '12, 3:14AM
  • Cold beauty

    HalleysComet Jun 28 '12, 6:47PM
  • 8.46/10 ya im a nice beauty yaaaaaaa at lest i know that im not fugly lol. ! =P

    josellarodrigue Jun 27 '12, 10:16PM
  • awww i got 100% pretty! i got hit by a bus once and i have a broken arm but im still pretty? wow. and i never wear makeup to tell you but im pretty? thank you quiz!!!

    werewolfgirls Jun 20 '12, 9:47PM
  • aww i like how in the end everyone is still beautiful! lol we all win!

    MusicJunkie Jun 19 '12, 10:32PM
  • :) nice beauty.. i like the end part of it though..
    "Perhaps it is not the most exiting type of beauty, but it is the most comforting, and the only one garenteed to last forever"

    scolionophobia Jun 19 '12, 1:21PM
  • cold beauty

    kitothecool Jun 18 '12, 11:18PM
  • Nice beauty :) Sweet quiz

    DarthVader Jun 18 '12, 10:33PM
  • Nice beauty.
    thank you xP

    awesomecuziam Jun 18 '12, 6:03PM
  • Classic beauty. Cool!

    Roseheart Jun 18 '12, 5:19PM
  • Exotic beauty! I feel that way because I am the early blossomed in the fourth and fith grades! My grade it's summer to fith grade yay

    YouAreHoly Jun 18 '12, 12:56AM
  • Model beauty! Wow! Great quiz

    Willow1276 Jun 18 '12, 12:33AM
  • Heterochromia iridium-does blue-green eyes count? my eyes are NOT 2 totally dif colors (ex. 1 blue, 1 green).

    im a classic & model mix.

    Magicala Jun 17 '12, 5:43PM
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    bobbean Jun 16 '12, 9:04AM
  • really classic beauty? i am the 2n most un preittest girl in my class, everyone is being crushed on but me :(

    Coverdark123 Jun 16 '12, 2:56AM
  • Classic beauty! This quiz was amazing :) 10/10

    ange Jun 15 '12, 3:52AM

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