What Type of Beauty do you Have?

This quiz was made in response to all of the "how pretty are you" quizzes. I find it completely unfair that one person holds enough power to boost your self confidence-or destroy it.

The "What type of beauty do you have" quiz is made to show what makes you beautiful. There are no negative answers, so everyone comes out a winner. May the results be ever in your favor.

Created by: Bri
  1. (I'm sorry about doing this to you people) What is your eye color?
  2. (Once again, I apologize for doing this!) What is your skin tone?
  3. Do you wear makeup? If so, how much?
  4. (Once again, I am really sorry!) How tall are you?
  5. (Once again, I want to apologize) How thin would you consider yourself?
  6. How large are your eyes?
  7. (Now, for the more weighted questions) What expression do your eyes hold?
  8. How often do you laugh?
  9. What is the kindest thing you would do for someone?
  10. How important are looks to you?
  11. What do other people describe you as?
  12. Alright, all done! Now, do you plan on commenting? (no effect)
  13. Do you plan on rating?

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Quiz topic: What Type of Beauty do I Have?