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  • You're right, I have anxiety. And it does make it hard to pay attention. Sometimes, I feel like I cannot sit still. You know? My school has 1 1/2 hour long class periods, and it's AUFUL!

    BStreet Jan 22 '15, 5:11PM
  • I have OCD LOL

    Quiet girl677 Jan 15 '15, 6:09PM
  • 94%

    sheila12 Jan 13 '15, 11:25AM
  • it says ihave ADD and i actually DO have ADD... well i dont but my mom does. I have ADHD. (i get hyper)

    KitKat123 Jan 11 '15, 7:51PM
  • What grade would suit you?

    try the quiz peeps. Rate it and comment. It is truely awesome

    blueSeal Dec 28 '14, 6:57PM
  • OCD. I figured. Lol. I am obsessed with organizing the things on the conveyor belt.... I have a book of lists. It was king of obvious.

    TeamJasper Dec 28 '14, 9:22AM
  • Got OCD on the quiz. Every time I touch something with 1 hand I HAVE to touch it with the other XD

    Mehmeh Dec 19 '14, 8:17PM
  • It said I have ADD( Atendtion Defiset Disorter
    Witch I do

    Brightstar24 Dec 2 '14, 5:32PM
  • Your Result: Manic Depressive

    You have extreme cycles of highs and lows. Sometimes you feel like you don't know who you are. One week you could be very hyper and happy and the next week you are slow and depressed.

    72%ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)


    36%GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

    34%OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

    cgj2009 Dec 2 '14, 12:17AM
  • it said I got Add. does it matter?

    Rockblock Nov 30 '14, 6:47PM
  • I got ADD, I also have dyslexia. Weird, this sounds crazy but ADD(or ADHD) and dyslexia r signs of being a demigod!

    Zoe Nightshade Nov 30 '14, 2:01PM
  • Your Result: Paranoia

    You are constantly thinking about what others may be saying about you behind your back. You may also feel people have conspiracies against you, or they are out to get you. In crowds you may feel like everybody is watching to closely.

    I have ADD (because im crazy), OCD (from my mom), and now I have Paranoia! (I can get paranoid). Yep, thats number three on the list.

    mSweEzy Nov 29 '14, 5:50PM
  • Yes! I got ADD!

    xXCHILLXx Nov 27 '14, 5:05PM
  • Manic Deppresive.. Excactly.

    EmeraldBeem Nov 23 '14, 2:38PM
  • I have an OCD of organization. I feel the the ultimate perfectionist. I see something a little crooked, even if I am in a rush, it is to be fixed. Everything has its own place, and I try to find myself trying not to touch every single thing.

    Nyan Nov 21 '14, 7:14PM
  • Lol, according to this I have over 50% for all the disorders except for ADD. Whilst ADD is the only disorder I have been diagnosed for and have been stated to actually have it. GGWP.

    Azu Nov 18 '14, 1:14PM
  • O.o uh-oh MD

    Jewelbaby Nov 8 '14, 8:54PM
  • Add ftw, yeah I have it live with it but not diagnosed with it

    wedgieslave007 Nov 7 '14, 11:40PM
  • Manic depression? ... I'm like never sad...

    Cloverbreeze Nov 7 '14, 9:24PM
  • OCD my worst enemy I've kept it a secret for 10 years no one knew about it but I had it the I became 11 and it stared taking over me and it kills me every day because of how much it nags me

    Indipopz Nov 5 '14, 6:05PM
  • I have ADD. How am I supposed to change that?lol. I doodle to much in my notebook. But hey! It is how you become an artist! Am I right?

    EmmyTheViolist Nov 4 '14, 12:54AM
  • Hahahaha apparently I have ADD when I actually have severe depression/suicidal . Lol this made me laugh.

    ChainBound Nov 2 '14, 10:57PM

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