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  • Hmmm... paranoia... true... but then... I need to watch out for other people like me... I like to stab people... and if someone like me comes up on my back... well... you know how it is when you just get that urge to stab someone... so I need to constantly watch over my shoulder... and clean up the mess I leave behind to avoid a trail... you'll never catch me coppers... never...

  • I dont know what's wrong with me I just feel broken, a mess, a failure, and i prefer alone in my room bc facing ppl really exhausting i dont feel Im worthy or needed i dont even think my friend would feel so lost when Im gone

  • 12% adhd, 0% everything else...? excuse me i happen to have severe adhd, severe GAD, psychosis, and many more? ive never seen a worse quiz lmao

    also how am i supposed to choose just one thing in some lists? in most lists im literally everything??? this quiz sucks haha this assumes you only have one illness

  • This is how I am, I do overthink all the time. And I like to cause dramas since I'm friends with gay people. I've learnt to get along with them and to be a calmer person. Angela Kaperonis

    Ange Kaperonis
  • Not true for me because I don't have COD or any of the other mental disorder o there other than ADD. I don't have COD or GAD or whatever. I have attention defisit disorder. I talk alot. Pretty much it.

  • Manic Depresive was first...
    Closely followed by the Anxiety one.
    Then OCD, Paranoia, then ADHD/ADD.

    I do have anxiety, ADHD, Paranoia, and OCD disorders.

    Manic Depresive... Hmm... It would explain literally everything.

  • Some people dont have a disorder, so this quiz is inaccurate. It is on the presumption that you DO have a disorder; so what your result is, you might not really have. Apparently, I have ADD.

  • ADD?? Well, I have a son who has ADD (adult ADD) and I've studied the disorder in order to understand it for his sake. The one thing I DON'T have is ADD. These weren't the right questions to ask, apparently.

  • I knew I was paranoid... Sometimes I can't get to sleep because I'm convinced that a fictional character is out to get me... I also don't like sitting with my back to the door...

    I Be Kitteh
  • i got OCD, and that is true to some extent. i mean,i'm not diagnosed with anything, but i do have some compulsive obssessive behavior sometimes, it's true; lol but i can make myself stop if i really want to so that's the difference between me and actually have it :) but really good quiz, and accurate:)

  • WHAT??? I do not whatsoever have ADD-hey why's that light on? I thought I turned it off-and hey! It's a RC car where I get up every morni-I can't believe I forgot to do my homework last-why am I still on this computer?

    Joe Young3
  • I got obsessive compulsive disorder which it said you may perform rituals because of this =_= didn't I make it clear I don't do that..tf?

  • i just realised i also did this 5 months ago on a different account dude why can i not just see a doctor instead of relying on quizzes hahaaaaa :/ nah i tried to tell my dad i thoguht i was depressed a couple months ago but when i said i thought i had a mental disorder he said who told u that and he thought i was talking abt autism so i just decided to shut up :,( amd i was panicking a lot when i said that so i could not do much else rly

  • Oops i didnt realise i already took this quiz, but that was a year ago lol. I actually got a diff answer i got 84% manic depressive and then around 50% for the other ones... lmao i still havent seen a doctor :D

  • Um not taking this quiz again sorry but its cause right now I wanted something to help not feel mad cause right now I feel mad and just angry with a friend idk if I can trust them at all 😡

  • Umm This quiz said I have OCD, but I don't. I have ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Or maybe I have both I will have to look into this. :P

  • OCD my worst enemy I've kept it a secret for 10 years no one knew about it but I had it the I became 11 and it stared taking over me and it kills me every day because of how much it nags me

  • Same here, wolvesrule65318 !! :)

    My result was ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) by 88%

    OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) by 73%
    Paranoia by 68%
    GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) by 45%
    and Manic Depressive by 28%

    Elaine Evans
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  • I self diagnosed myself with: ADHD, early onset OCD, GAD, and paranoia, Munchausen syndrome, depression, and bipolar disorder

    I also think I may be a Hypochondriac

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  • Paranoia...I don't have that, somwhat! I have mild ADD, as so perscribed by the doctors, as well as a mild case of insanity. And second comin in for Manic Depressive? I highly doubt that.

    I'm WAY too happy, idiots.

  • In all technicalities I have CDOx not OCD. CDOx is basically the same thing except not only is there an even number of letters but they're also all in the right order.

    So suck on that cheese wheelfrom Wisconsin.

  • I have Paranoia. My brother (who is know studying at a Univercity) took it and chose all the answers that I KNOW are normal, and he ended up with ADD!!! SOOOOO not true... But the quiz was fun!

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  • mine was
    Your Result: Manic Depressive

    You have extreme cycles of highs and lows. Sometimes you feel like you don't know who you are. One week you could be very hyper and happy and the next week you are slow and depressed.

    lol true


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