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  • I have ADHD like a lot of people commenting here. I have a lot of stuff though... didn't know I had Manic Depressive though, have to tell someone about that...

  • I got diagnosed with ADD, but I think that, uhmm well I think that, uhmm what was i saying? yeah ADD, man I need to get my screen cleaned, and have to shop for a new tv set, wait what am I posting this for? wait is this Engadget, let me check.. gotoquiz? what? oh right ADD, nah I dont have that, wait whats ADD anyway, forgot to read that part, oh what ever.

    sharp kid
  • OMG! I got GAD! You know, i do feel like I always have to have something in my hands, and I want to touch things. isn't that more like add though?

    well anyways, cool quiz. 8) congrats for making the top 40 quizzes!

  • Your Result: ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

    OMFG! i got ( Attention Dificit Disorder ) (:< OMFG!! i see a kitty!! must touch !! (:< well gtg gonna go crazy with the kitty psst! ( if yu thaught of it the wrong way then yur sick minded ) ... Kitty feels niice! and soft (:

  • Manic Depressive > you could be very hyper and happy - HAPPY HIPPO~~~ lmao

    ok i think it okay but not to the degree i cant life with it :)

    and this quiz is very good ^^

  • ADD, i could have told you that. actually i would have said ADHD because I can be exremely hyper. Like now...it's 2 in the morning and i feel like jumping on a trampoline. Mwahaha.

  • I took this quiz for my roleplay character and my suspicions have been confirmed: I have given her ADD. *laughs* Poor Brooke

  • I'm paranoid. I knew that. I walk around my house and am convinced people are looking at me through the windows...those black curtains aren't just for show...

  • OCD. I really do have it too.
    Next ADD. I have that too.

    Depression, I don't have. Paranoia I don't have.

    How accurately odd.

  • I knew I had ADD I'm always in my own world (that's usually because the real world I find dull or dangerous most of the time.)

  • I have manic depressive disorder I have had this problem since I was 4.I am crazy one day and depressed another day.

  • I have paranoia, and Ive had it since I was ten. Its been ten years and its still a problem. It always gets in the way of sleeping, showering, and being home alone. I cant sleep because I hear my window rattling. I cant shower because my neighbors are arguing. Cant be home alone because I dont want to be murdered. This is a problem because its impossible to do anything.

    Meh meh eh
  • Well i am Paranoid, anxious. I know that i either have ADHD and PTSD or maybe both. I need to check that out. This is really quiet true.

  • You should make one for stuff like autism. Like "what type of autism do you have?" I have aspurgers, and I was kinda hoping that was one of the results.

  • Why are the comments full of s---e

    I got manic depressive, and I've been diagnosed before but I know I'm not now.

  • Yeah i have GAD. I want to stop it. Please tell me. I knew had a disorder but i didnt know which. Im crying know. I cant trust my parents telling them my problems without them thinking im a hypocritical attention whore.

  • Paranoia 88%
    true true true true
    I think my sister replaced me
    and my bestfriend secretly hates me
    and my boyfriend doesnt actually like me

    uuughh its scary... only thing I'm scared of besides small spaces...

  • My result said I have Manic Depression. That seems unrealistic. I would have said ridiculous, but I've done some of the things Manic-Depressives do.

  • I am already diagnosed with ADD
    I think that I have OCD

    The rest is less likely to be diagnosed for me, so... The quiz result was right on track... weird...

    Elaine Evans
  • OCD! I knew it. I HAVE to do things a certain number of times, like if I have an itch one arm, I have to scratch the other arm in the same place. Or if I take a drink, I have to drink it more than once.

  • i got ADD that is so true im always talking and not paying attention or zoning out and always hyper or jittery

    my second one was paranoia im always paranoid this quiz is very accurate

  • Rather rubbish. Words were left out, there weren't enough questions and it said I had ADD on the strength of one question.

    Lord Darling
  • Says I have ADD, though OCD line is the same size, so I guess it makes me ADD and OCD and bordering on Paranoia...though the world is out to get me...just kidding...really bored outta my mind, so yeah I'll shut up now.

  • i have paranoia ocd add/adhd axiety disorder

    i still suffer boo hoo

    all my peers thing im annoying all the time always washing my hands , listening in to peoples rumors.im always afraid that somones going 2 kill me

  • Anxiety Disorder.

    Yes, it's so right it scares me :D I have been diagnosed and I'm treated. It's no fun (well obviously :)


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