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  • You are constantly thinking about what others may be saying about you behind your back. You may also feel people have conspiracies against you, or they are out to get you. In crowds, you may feel like everybody is watching to close. 88% paranoia.

    bbygirl8602 Mar 7 '19, 10:10AM
  • 100% paranoia, this (go figure) is making me kinda paranoid, they knew about stuff I did and it freaks me out, and with people saying how accurate it is, I should probably get tested.

    Virgil Feb 21 '19, 7:23PM
  • Your Result: ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

    You have a very hard time focusing, and you find it difficult to stay on task without your mind wandering. You probably zone in and out of conversations and tend to miss out on directions because you cannot focus.

    Ericat Feb 15 '19, 4:46PM
  • I got Manic Depressive. Sooo true. This test is pretty accurate!

    ElfReading33 Feb 15 '19, 11:50AM
  • Pretty Predictable that I got ADD since I was diagnosed with ADHD. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.

    IL0stMyUsername Jan 26 '19, 1:54PM
  • I did this quiz to see if accurate. It is! I have been tested by doctors for ADD, and tested positive. That is what your quiz said I had. Good job! 👍🏻

    MistyDawn Dec 28 '18, 9:09PM
  • I hate Draco Malfoy that dirty death eater!

    leafeon1902 Dec 16 '18, 6:18PM
  • I dont know what's wrong with me I just feel broken, a mess, a failure, and i prefer alone in my room bc facing ppl really exhausting i dont feel Im worthy or needed i dont even think my friend would feel so lost when Im gone

    Deeanovis Dec 16 '18, 12:20AM
  • You should make one for stuff like autism. Like "what type of autism do you have?" I have aspurgers, and I was kinda hoping that was one of the results.

    CrookedstarRules Nov 29 '18, 9:10AM
  • Well to everyone who was saying that this quiz was inaccurate, I already have been clinically diagnosed with OCD and GAD, and I took this quiz for fun. It actually guessed both of my illnesses correctly. It isn’t inaccurate, maybe if you already know you don’t have a disorder, don’t try to take a quiz for disorders.

    YourQuizFav Nov 4 '18, 9:20PM
  • Manic depressive, huh?

    Yeeahhh... everyone in my family seems to believe I have it. No idea if I would ever be diagnosed since the psychiatrists here tend to do a poor job at diagnosing people correctly. It almost seems they don't want to diagnosis you!

    One of my main flaws, "depression sometimes", no. I'm depressed ALWAYS baby!

    WhereTheFxxkAmI Oct 25 '18, 6:22PM
  • I have ADHD, DYSCALCULIA,OCD, and mental problems and im kinda psycho like this song

    ThePanDreamer Oct 9 '18, 12:48PM
  • Your Result: Manic Depressive

    You have extreme cycles of highs and lows. Sometimes you feel like you don't know who you are. One week you could be very hyper and happy and the next week you are slow and depressed.

    62%OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

    55%ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)


    19%GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

    ThePanDreamer Oct 9 '18, 12:46PM
  • I’m clinically diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD, schizophrenia, and PTSD. I used to have generalized anxiety disorder and OCD. I got paranoia as my mental illness.

    Oneonta Sep 22 '18, 12:03AM
  • WELL I GOT AT LEAST A 75% ON ALL OF THEM... What and amazing life lmao

    Andy101 Sep 8 '18, 4:03AM
  • good quiz you guessed i have add (adhd)

    the floper kid Aug 31 '18, 2:08PM
  • what a s--- quiz, if you guys are depending on this non-sense to diagnose yourself or validate a feeling, then stop. I answered false to everything that related to ADD and paranoia, only saying I answering I am shy. Yet those were my two top answers, LOL, I definitely have neither, and answered nothing that would show that I have either. Sorry test, but I think I can be introverted and not have a disorder. This test is inaccurate as heck. Stop! >:(

    stevenle Aug 30 '18, 7:14PM
  • 88% paranoia.

    Annabeth333 Aug 3 '18, 2:39AM
  • 98% manic depressive

    Mikianna Jul 26 '18, 1:23AM
  • Manic Depressive ??? I'm not depressed :(

    Shoes Jul 14 '18, 10:19PM
  • 88% ADD.. My mom once made me go to the doctor, because at school I don't pay attention. Not only at school, but at home too.

    AndImDone Jun 25 '18, 10:55AM
  • thats true

    madameXYZ May 18 '18, 8:03AM

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