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  • Wow, this is actually pretty amazing. I have been finding A LOT of things besides this very quiz that proves my crush is my soul mate... This quiz just proves to me AGAIN that he is my perfect guy.. IT EVEN GUESSED HIS PERSONALITY- kinda creepy but I love it! You should honestly give this quiz a try. Maybe you will get the results you wanted! 👍🏻

    Unicornsforlife Jun 11 '18, 4:33PM
  • Bro! I have a major crush on this guy named Jaret. We talked and then had a few complications. My soulmates name is supposed to start with the letter J. Oooooff!!

    HiImBisexual May 11 '18, 8:02PM
  • 😵😵😵😵
    B ro! This quiz is obviously just fake, but Oh my Cheese nuggets!!! I got "C" as my answer, and my boyfriend is currently a person named Canaan! What a funny coincidence heheh.... But I don't know if he's absolutely the one for me... He moved away a while ago. I'm so lonely right now, It's very saddening. Being so alone hurts me. But I doubt anyone cares about my problems. I don't blame you. On the bright side, I get to see him soon 😙☺

    Geo_Samitrae Mar 19 '18, 11:18PM
  • I got T

    sgemaniac Dec 10 '17, 6:23PM
  • OMG OMG OMG!!! Idk this is probably all just a coincidence but I'm only 12 and already I've met a boy beginning with the letter J, it's probably just a coincidence but I'm so happy! I think I'm in love! Thanks so so so much!!!!

    KittyTailchaser Aug 6 '17, 8:27AM
  • Somehow you got it right. T.

    Spinny Jan 8 '17, 5:23PM
  • what a nice imitation I don't believe my soulmates name is B

    ciarelle gloria Jul 1 '16, 7:13PM
  • Awe..... Such a cute love story!!!! Its my dream one but i don't know any guy whose name starts with the sugested alphabet!

    oni nema Apr 19 '16, 5:47AM
  • What a joke ! I guess I was just dreaming this would help :-(

    firedog Apr 17 '16, 11:59PM
  • Total Bulls--- !

    firedog Apr 17 '16, 11:54PM
  • T? NO! My soulmate is my mom! M!

    Boogerdam98 Apr 4 '16, 6:48PM
  • Ummmmmmmmm how did you know that?! His name is Casey and we like each other. The awnser I got was C!

    Curlyfries Mar 6 '16, 3:14PM
  • I'm not very sure about the letter D. Well, im from a hindu family. Hindu's dont actually use names which starts with D, W, X, Y, Z, I etc..

    Exboy Feb 29 '16, 4:51AM
  • I'm not very sure about the letter 'D'..!!! B'coz im a Hindu, hindu girls names doesnt actually starts with the letter D. Only God knows!!! maybe, i'll find that out soon...!!! there's a girl coming right towards me..

    Exboy Feb 29 '16, 4:43AM
  • This is a strange quiz.

    1 Twilight Fan Dec 7 '15, 5:24PM
  • This was all a joke. None of you thought I was serious, did you?

    1 Twilight Fan Dec 7 '15, 5:23PM
  • I got 91% J. My first crush's name starts with a J ( I still think we're perfect for each other) I got 88% C. I have a little crush on two different guys whose names both start with C. coincidence?

    Naivegirl13 Nov 11 '15, 11:59PM
  • :3 my crush's name starts with a J and I got 77% on it

    thatgirlisme Nov 10 '15, 9:26PM
  • O.o D... that's the first letter of my friend's last name. o-o Interesting. XD unfortunately, I has already found le soul mate I want. =^-^= Thanks for making te quiz, it was fun to take.

    TheLoveOfBands Jul 31 '15, 4:52PM
  • Dude, the moment I saw the letter I started grinning. Seriously though, J? I know a couple of guys with j's as first letters, but they don't fit your description and we would make awful couples. Good quiz though.

    Zephyr30 Jul 31 '15, 1:15PM
  • Great! T :D Problem, I'm not a girl. Other problem, spellcheck maybe?

    Shirokuma Jul 31 '15, 2:25AM
  • Miracle. Loved it. So happy to tell you that the letter which you have said is there in my thump finger exactly from the time of my birth. Thank you so much and i am on tears.

    manoranani Jul 24 '15, 6:09AM

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