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  • i got a C,cool

    hale4456 Dec 20 '09, 11:36AM
  • T?!?!?! The first letter in my soul mate's name is and S and that waznt even 1 of the answers.

    egyptogal Dec 19 '09, 4:27PM
  • C?! *twitch* OMG, THATS...ITS....*fai nts*

    10 stars!

    1Username1 Dec 19 '09, 4:00PM
  • four letters as answers...lame

    MYRASOSWEET Dec 18 '09, 6:33PM
  • crap 'C' thats the first letter of a guy i almost had to call the cops on :( and j was second and my boyfriends name starts with a j and d was under j hahahaha

    jesschace Dec 18 '09, 6:05PM
  • J! Wow..Defenatley TRUE! GREAT QUIZ! Lol..

    xxWeirdo Dec 18 '09, 2:15AM
  • I got "D". I dnt know any1 who's name start wiz a "D" BUT ANYWAYS GREAT QUIZ.

    twilightgirl13 Dec 17 '09, 1:36AM
  • J? I don't know any1 who's name starts with J. :(

    Sarah Soda Slim Dec 8 '09, 1:55PM
  • Your Result: The First Letter of your soulmates name is... T

    The First Letter of your Soulmate's name is T. He will be a bad boy Jock, you makes fun of geeks, and you will be the nice girl who changes him into a wonderful person, and you two will fall in love.

    T? ... 0_0 Oh, my.

    I like music Dec 8 '09, 8:13AM
  • WAT!!!! i liked this guy that started withe letter 'D'!!! ugh!! if this is true...then im doomed...ha it rhymes....

    irocku2me3 Dec 6 '09, 8:23PM
  • omg........omfg.... .the quiz was right
    i got J and.......defenitly a sign

    munchkin Dec 6 '09, 12:31PM
  • J, for Jake or Jonathan.
    This is definately a sign...

    rebekahgilman Dec 6 '09, 2:06AM

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