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  • Lavender & Thyme
    "Thanks for your support, Cham! I can only get into one of my more experienced accounts, I think. I'll keep looking for some higher level acc..."
  • All Things Happy~
    "4 (I Finally got into this one! :-D)"
  • No Subject
    "Sorry about the slow responses... I am still supposed to be socializing with people. Maybe we should actually set up our Skyp"
  • No Subject
    "And Scorch Trials came out today. :-)"
  • "Because if you delete them I'll leave the site. Then you will have one less dramatic newb to deal with."
  • "^ugh, forget that I said that."
  • "Anime, there is nothing wrong with conservative values. And I can the lap but think you are being a bit too judgemental. I mean, weight the..."
  • "Could you do me a favor and delete all of my posts in Alex's thread? I've been marking them offensive but I can't delete them."
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "Ugh, okay so we aren't leaving today. We are leaving tommorrow. .-. Sorry I am really f---ing sorry. Ugh, I don't understand"
  • Well....
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "Is in response to everything you said last night Running out of days is the title. Idk why I said this could be the"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "Ugh, actually I can't do this. I am going to try my dammed hardest to stay home... *sighs deeply* I might just die on the tr"
  • "You already know where."
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "Hmm... sorry. I don't remember hardly anything that happened last night. Okay, so seeing as I am perfectly fine and we ar"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "Sure, well I was listening from your Playlist so I don't know how that happens."

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