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  • Mm....not true:(

    Suzana Aug 18 '14, 8:03AM
  • i'm artistic, which suits me perfectly. Great quiz, liked it.

    grapegirl Aug 4 '14, 4:14AM
  • Well I got Convivilist, which isn't even a word apparently, I want to be a baker, and that requires strenuousness and good interactions with people, which is partly correct.

    Hammerman Jul 3 '14, 5:50AM
  • Sorry, I rather be a lawyer, my lifetime dream!!

    taliyah Apr 18 '14, 10:30PM
  • Artistic, I do want to be an artist or writer as a side job, but I want to be an ambassador.

    Elliryanna Feb 9 '14, 10:19PM
  • Artistic yup I'm arty

    Jenniferdu Jan 25 '14, 10:42AM
  • Your Result: Convivialist

    You are a people person! There are many careers that involve close interaction with others and require team work and leadership skills: -Politician -Nursing -Childcare -Sales -Educator

    chocolategross Aug 31 '13, 4:55AM
  • So off I am not sociable

    Kier218 Jun 5 '13, 1:11PM
  • ooo i like it ... xecttly

    tara2211 May 29 '13, 4:51AM
  • Does art have anything to do with pilots? I want to be a pilot but I got Artistic! XD

    EpicPanda727 May 26 '13, 10:37AM
  • I got artistic. DEFINITELY me!!!!

    kbay19 May 11 '13, 4:35PM
  • Technical? Suits me. I know you could not go right into subjects but I like astronomy and quantum mechanics. But out of the options you are spot on!

    squatter Apr 30 '13, 6:09AM
  • I got activist,

    You're right i'm a very hands on person,

    Good job.

    rotflmaster Apr 27 '13, 8:47PM
  • I dont like art.....but making things,,,yes.

    Angel_ Mar 13 '13, 11:32AM
  • I got the perfect answer! :)

    coco120 Mar 9 '13, 12:21AM
  • artistic...... so true i'm s into drama and singing... great job

    GlambertChick Mar 8 '13, 11:07AM
  • You love for the arts has drawn you to an artistic career path! Some options are: -Musician -Graphic Artist -Theatre -Gaming Artist -Producers -Writing
    If I get a career in the arts I want to be a graphic designer, author, or performer, so that's really accurate :D

    Kagamine_Rin Mar 3 '13, 6:20PM
  • Technical, accurate!!!

    By the way, I refuse to listen music made by the mainstream. -.-

    rascal1178 Jan 31 '13, 10:53AM
  • Artistic!


    Yay!!! I'm so happy!!! Plus info art most of the time!!!

    username Jan 28 '13, 9:21PM
  • 76% Artistic. I Love art, thats my favorite subject!

    Funny101223 Jan 14 '13, 8:39PM
  • Artistic!!!!!89%




    randompandaaaa Jan 11 '13, 4:29PM
  • Your Result: Artistic
    You love for the arts has drawn you to an artistic career path! Some options are: -Musician -Graphic Artist -Theatre -Gaming Artist -Producers -Writing

    im a singer/song writer
    so this is right on

    hannahdass Dec 26 '12, 11:37AM

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