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  • What career suits your interests?
    Your Result: Activist

    You are definitely a hands-on type of person! Active jobs like these may suit your personality: -Transportation -Physician -Construction -Mechanics



    30%Technical ~ I wanted to be an ophthalmologist ( eye surgeon ) but in the meantime of being in college for 8 years, I was gonna be a stay at home officer workeror something. I love planning, designing, and there’s something about eyes that I just love.

    GreenEyedGusher May 2 '18, 1:58AM
  • What career suits your interests?
    Your Result: Artistic

    You love for the arts has drawn you to an artistic career path! Some options are: -Musician -Graphic Artist -Theatre -Gaming Artist -Producers -Writing




    I love art and I'm great at painting/drawing/sc ulpting
    Great quiz! *givs u cookie*

    Tacocat1 Jan 9 '17, 9:08PM
  • I got Technical. Great quiz!

    BCJfan Jun 29 '16, 3:50AM
  • Same artistic I'd rather be a singer lalalalalala!

    IJB Jun 20 '16, 11:05AM
  • Activist not what I wanted even though nice quiz!

    TheUserkid Apr 22 '16, 6:18PM

    Party_Panda6621 Apr 22 '16, 10:19AM
  • Screw that! I'm gonna join the military

    Whiplash Aug 23 '15, 10:25AM
  • You deal well with numbers and logical problems and are always up for a challenge. Some careers to consider are: -Achitect -Programming -Civil Engineering -Web Development.
    Progr amming is what i have always wanted to do!

    guest101602 Jul 24 '15, 2:37AM
  • artistic 90%!

    Magicuser Jul 7 '15, 11:00PM
  • Yes, I am a very technical person. This quiz is correct, at least for me. I have wanted to be an architect since I read about Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson series. Although my favorite subject is Phisycal Education (I'm a champion multi-sport athlete) literature and math are subjects I've always adored. And according to "The Color Quiz" for career codes, I am an ENTJ. I gave this quiz 7 stars for the great accuracy.

    Bianca di Angelo Jun 20 '15, 11:19AM
  • What career suits your interests?
    Your Result: Artistic

    You love for the arts has drawn you to an artistic career -Gaming Artist

    MooMoo31 May 30 '15, 1:08PM
  • Artistic, SO true i love writing, drawing, singing, instruments, ect. definetely the best answer for me

    PUTZthecat100 May 25 '15, 7:41PM
  • Artistic so me!!!!!!

    Dawndragon May 18 '15, 11:26AM
  • Your Result: Artistic

    You love for the arts has drawn you to an artistic career path! Some options are: -Musician -Graphic Artist -Theatre -Gaming Artist -Producers -Writing

    Lady_Winchester Mar 24 '15, 9:11AM
  • I actually like this quiz. But I hate how all the comments consists of
    Chain letters. Sometimes You Don't get good reviews Or any at all Because Of the Chain Letters! Also I make some quizzes from time to time. Some are ones I take time on some are not It varies. But when you try and make a somewhat accurate quiz it takes time. You might not get one comment that isn't chain letters for months. So if you see a Chain letter please don't Forward it.

    Mckenzie Sykes Mar 8 '15, 11:02PM
  • Artistic, true. Blackmail, useless. I always have to say stop, blackmailing!

    lovetakes2 Jan 18 '15, 9:50PM
  • 77% artistic YES! people tell me I'm a amazing writer and i love it.

    LunaIsBrave Dec 1 '14, 10:34PM
  • hahaha!! true but not true..
    You are a people person! There are
    many careers that involve close
    interaction with others and require
    team work and leadership skills: -
    Politician -Nursing -Childcare -Sales -
    . i want to be a lawyer protecting wildlife animals!!" "

    mahima_lovergurl Nov 9 '14, 1:05PM
  • Artistic. That's true. My teacher says I am the best writer and I love gaming. I am trying out guitar and clarinet this year. Also, I LOVE music. :)

    Ilostmyshoe Oct 14 '14, 2:29AM
  • Technical! I'm great with math, but BAD with technology. Best answer for me for sure though.

    Elliryanna Oct 9 '14, 8:07PM
  • Good! Really this quiz makes easy to choose career,thanks

    Bipana stha Sep 4 '14, 12:38PM
  • I got convivilist but I gonna be a singer cause I'm in X Factor

    Alex Branch2 Aug 24 '14, 10:57PM

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