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  • Artistic??
    Mkay. . .

    MonyP Feb 17 '11, 5:57AM
  • Artistic, that’s correct. But I won’t use it for my career. Instead, I’ll start a businees. *already on my way*

    Skydragon Feb 17 '11, 5:51AM
  • Activist, cool

    MARKS--- 9.5/10

    Herwe123 Feb 17 '11, 12:56AM
  • Artistic :)

    Musiclovaa Feb 16 '11, 8:00PM
  • artistic! yes! i totally want to be a writer when i grow up. and form a band. and act.

    DOMOisawesome Feb 16 '11, 6:43PM
  • Artist. I.....don't think so.

    Dark_Vampire101 Feb 16 '11, 5:17PM
  • writing, writing, wri- wri- writing!

    Actress97 Feb 16 '11, 3:40PM
  • artistic, cool, thats really good because i want to be an inteirior desighner so its nice knowing im best for it
    awsome quiz.

    Loverebeccah Feb 16 '11, 11:51AM
  • Out of the four possible answers for what type of music one likes, three of them are the same: nothing particular.

    E Lunatic Jan 24 '11, 1:00PM

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