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  • Dr who
    "Christopher wasn't the first doctor either ;). Are You Talking about Blink with Sally Sparrow? I can't remember the whole order but, I did l..."
  • I hate Obamacare
    "Everyone she's my cousin so I know but they lost there old insurance plan because of Obamacare"
  • The "Yay or Nay" Game!
    "Yay cats"
  • Strangling Look
    "Oh sorry Everyone I thought this was literature form daughterofapollo "
  • Strangling Look
    "Did you read my last comment I don't know why I use these forums"
  • Strangling Look
    "I am writing a book and I never said for you to look I was writing it with my cuz strangling and I am writing it with her that's why I am on..."
  • Strangling Look
    "I Think I am Mermaid I can't stop singing and crossing my legs I did a mermaid spell and think it worked"
  • Hey Strangling
    "Hey lets use this form instead"
  • Kier and Katie
    "lets just make a new form meet e on fantage at 2:00 today"
  • Kier and Katie
    "and once i was in Utica and we were playing mini golf and it began to rain so i thought top raining and it did and right after we inished it..."
  • Kier and Katie
    "i was in Utica looking at a fort from war and it starting raining so i put my hands over m head and the water went around me"
  • Kier and Katie
    "hey i have some stories to share with you Katie"
  • Hey Strangling
  • Hey Strangling
  • Hey Strangling
    "Hey Hey Hey what colors should be her uniform"

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