Do you know The Suite Life on Deck?

The are many smart people, but a few very genius people. See if you are a genius like the many few. You can ace this quiz if u try and do it! Try it!!!

Are you a genius? Find out. This quiz shows you you no your your shoes and can do it. You can do it and ace it if you know this show and if you do you will get a nice message.

Created by: Omer Baker
  1. What is Cody's brothers name?
  2. What is the name of the boat the crew is on?
  3. Who is the rich girl in the show?
  4. The magic show's assistant is a girl that London get rids of. What happens when London gets rid of her?
  5. In Lost At Seas Bailey says she would want to be with one person. Who is that person?
  6. In the aqua Lounge what made it flood?
  7. In Twister Part 1, who drives Bailey to Kansas?
  8. Where is Bailey from?
  9. What is London's Show called?
  10. What is Cody's last name?

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Quiz topic: Do I know The Suite Life on Deck?