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  • Lol, this quiz totally fits meh. Literature nerd, plus mostly art, music, and anime. Totally me! :3

  • liturate nerd. I am because reading is my LIFE! Each summer at school, if you read enough books in the summer, you get ice cream party. my friend like to read i love it. and most people say: reading yuck i say: YAY READING!!!! Most people say: Math sucks. I say: MATH ROCKS!!!! Most People say: BOO SCIENCE WE DON"T CARE!!!! I say: YAY SCIENCE YOU ARE AWESOME!

  • I got drama nerd, very interesting. This quiz was long but I thought the great details were appealing. Great job.

  • good. too much anime though! anime-did u mean the comic thingies from Japan or like Superman, Scooby-Doo, etc.?

    u made it hard! im drama, literature, AND artistic/muscian!

  • Literature nerd- not really surprising. Just as an odd comment-y-type-thin g, you should add nerdfighter on there as a result. If you don't know what a nerdfighter is, then type it in on Youtube. And yes, I did say YOUTUBE.

  • I think this quiz got me perfectly: Social, literature, drama, math/science, anime, video games. This quiz rocks!

  • Literature Nerd!!! Yep, that's all me... I SOOO love to read and write and without books I could not SURVIVE... how come on #5 (How many books do you read in one calendar month) the highest option was 5+? I read around 15 thick/regular paperback books each month...

  • wow, Prowler24 your a sight for sore eyes in a manner of speaking. your really depressing you know that right?!?! personally the quiz wasnt that bad, not the best but not quite that bad. (btw I got social Nerd)

  • s--- ! my comment went wrong.
    haha :)
    anyway my result was perfeect ! soo me :)
    Your Result: Musician
    Drama Nerd
    Social Nerd
    Artistic Nerd
    Literature Nerd
    Gamer/Computer Nerd
    Science/Math Nerd
    Anime Nerd

  • I am a musician, and it is true, I play the violin, piano, french horn and do music theory, I also love composing, lol

  • this quiz had a lot of questions but the result turned out to be quite correct.

    im a musician, yes, and a literature nerd second and a gamer/computer nerd third. those are all very true

  • I AM NOT A HIPPIE!!! My brother have more than a dozen guns and knives, all the men in my family r hunters, and my brother's bucher shop is right beside my bedroom! HOW DARE THEY CALL ME A HIPPIE!!!

    Sarah Soda Slim
  • Lit nerd. I agree with the comment below. I have to buy several books a week to keep me entertained. A geed book and a bottle of gin is all I need.

  • I didn't see any point to answer over 40 questions so I just hit submit without answering any.

    I got social nerd. So correct. =]]

  • haha that's SO true! i'm such a literture nerd! and the thing about the blood shot eyes is freakishly true (especially when i write XD) i think i'm also somewhat of an anime nerd, too (but alot of those categories fit me XD). .

  • Musician...
    I play clarinet
    I can sing... a bit

    but I'm special needs so everything I do gets devalued to the point of "what's the point in doing it?" Also, I can knit but I can't sew.

  • Say Iphone three times, then repost on different quiz website and look under your pillow

  • Wah! Truly I am a math and physics nerd. I like also chemistry and biology but hate social science.

  • Anime nerd! That's so me!(ok I'm obsessed with anime) I like hetalia, haiku, ghost hunt, lucky star, ohhc and etc.

    Anime freak!

    pandasushi 24
  • How is this mean? You're the one who decided to take a quiz, fully knowing it would call you a nerd.

    Science/Math Nerd by the way. And yes. I want to be an engineer.

  • Literature Nerd. Very accurate, long, but I guess it has to be long to be that accurate. And the question about anime p--- (what's it called, something with an h?) no freakin' comment to anyone who does.

  • LOL I agree @ below. I got literature, and yeah, I'm writing a book ^.^' but I pretty much am all of them... What's a social nerd tho? Don't think I know what that is.

  • Mikkue said:
    Feb 20 '08, 4:16PM

    NOOOOOOOO f---!!! i can't do this!!! i am all of them except for artistic, drama, and literatur!!! DAMN IT I AM OTAKU AND A GAMMER AND DEFINATLY A SCIENCE GEEK! astronomer and aero space engineer are the jobs i am aiming for! and gamer!! OH damn, don't even get me started! but musician as the winner..... hellz ya but still...i wanted anime/science/gamer all to win.... lol

    This, minus music and plus - albeit to a lesser extent - social and literary.

    Minna Daikirai
  • Result: Science/ Math

    uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh said if was not for me would die out and it's rare for people to get it. I'm deffinatly a science nerd i can do any math problem in my head!

  • dude on the question where it asks what type of nerd you are I chose anime but drama was so close to that on the bottom that if I had picked that I probably would have gotten that.


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