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  • Ha suckers I didn't read it, apparently i have The Inland North accent, I come from England and still live in england ??

  • OMG people stop using this website just for fowards gosh like half of these are about getting kissed friday night. oh yeah and i got midland and im from canada what the heck!

  • 'Midland'. But I'm from California. In my honest opinion, people here tend to not have accents.

  • Lolz says I have no accent, could that be remotely true? I am not an american and english isn't my native language

    well at least my accent is "good enough for TV and radio" hehe

  • I have never lived in the Northeast nor do I ever plan to live there. I have always lived in the South, yet I get Northeast? Odd, I think so.

  • Interesting, I'm from Taiwan.I always wonder what kind of accent I have, because I learn English fom many ways.

  • "Midland". I'm from Upstate New York, but I don't have a heavy accent. I'd feel ridiculous if I did.

  • Well, I wasn't born anywhere in America, How does the american accent comes out from my mouth since I am an asian But not everyone in asia likes this accent...:-)

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    i'm a freaking hick! i've been a deep south chick my entire life! and now they're telling me that i belong up there with those soft folk, eating turkey and watching the packers *GOPACKGO*?! jeesh...

  • i got philadelphian and that's where i'm from, but i don't actually have an accent like i'm from there! i guess just some of the ways i say words are influenced from me being from here...

  • I have a philadelphian accent but I am from Texas so I should have a southern accent but I have never had much of an accent

    link rocks
  • I'm Canadian and I got Northeast. I guess that's right as I live right next to NY state and Vermont haha

  • I got Midwest, but I'm from the place that I dot last. Oh well, the questions themselves were very good.

  • I'm From Frickin' Ohio how can I have a southern accent other than my siter and her daddy's side of the family is staight country.

    I am an African American

  • my results also said inland north, and I never get asked if I'm from Wisconsin or Chicago...I have lived NY/Md the last 12 years...grew up Md. don't agree with results.

  • 100% northeast--not surprising (New Yorker).

    Mary (like the a sound in hair) Merry (like the e in pet) Marry (like the a in pat).

  • The Inland North..

    umm.. I'm not American and English wasn't even my first language.probably second, or was it my third language..??

  • Holy crap, this was spot on. Totally Great Lakes, yet I haven't lived there in 20 years. LOL, nicely done. (Rhymes with won.)

  • Hmm...mine said Boston. Never been there. Lived in San Diego for the first 28 yrs of life and have been the UK for 10 yrs. Perhaps that combo equals Boston, but I am a bit skepical.

  • I thought this quiz was pretty funny. It said i have a northeastern accent and that i get mistaken for a canadian which is funny because i am canadian!!!!

  • well if you are 60 you should know that the proper grammar is "should have" rather than "should of"....I've only been living in america for 12 years and I'm 16. congratulations an immigrant that learned English in kindergarten has better grammar than blahblahyoyouihuih.

  • dude this is so right. i am from misourri. this is cool. im planning to go into tv too. thats pretty cool. the only thing that sucks, is that i cant understand any kind of accent at all. only people that talk like me, and since i live in the south its hard to find that.

  • It got me pecked as from Chicago, it was 100% correct.And I always thought, only "other people" had accents.

  • Shananigins;

    The quiz is named ; What AMERICAN accent do you have?

    It's slightly obvious it wouldn't apply to an English accent.


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