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  • My Alts <3
    "I’ve given up on saying whether its an alt or not"
  • The Rose Garden
    "Oi June"
  • June
    "She yelled and shielded her face. “Please don’t kill me!” She squeaked."
  • The Rose Garden
    "YES :00000"
  • Anime Household
    "It’s not the same though with... *looks Kun_Isha over in disgust* him"
  • Anime Household
    "But I wanted to help you! &gt;:( *glares at Kun_Isha and crosses arms*"
  • Tat
    "Axel sighed. “And thats why I want to protect you. I don’t want you getting hurt by anybody.” He said."
  • June Roses
    "“How are you doing that?” Jewel asked, rubbing her back."
  • ~My venting thread~
    "Yesh! :0"
  • Anime Household
    "I am? :0)"
  • ~My venting thread~
    "Yesh I am! U_U"
  • Anybody Wanna RP?
    "“Never again will I ask you anything.” He muttered."
  • June Roses
    "“Fine.” She said. Jewel got up from the ground and tried punching Adrian again."
  • ~My venting thread~
    "Okie? Any questions then? -w-"
  • Anybody Wanna RP?
    "Turner stared at her in confusion. “U-um, I guess your happy?” He said."

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