How well do you know me? (For roleplay friends!)

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Ello! This is my first quiz, and it talks about Roleplay me! So if you roleplay with me on forums, your in the right place! Enjoy my stupid quiz! ;)))))

If your some random person who came across this, erm, your going to have a hard time... sorry, but this quiz is for mostly roleplay people, so sorry!!!

Created by: Gacha_Summer

  1. What is my name?
  2. How many rp’s have I participated in as of October 2020?
  3. Which of these OC names have I used the most?
  4. In my first ever RP, what was the summary of the plot?
  5. Idk what else to put OwO
  6. Um, hi friends...
  7. I hope you enjoyed, I guess...
  8. I just found out you have to do 10 questions...
  9. Um, random questions to ask... what is my sexuality?
  10. What’s my gender?
  11. Okay, NOW bye!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me? (For roleplay friends!)