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  • What Anime Should I Read?
    "Dude, Anime is the movies, and Manga are the books! Get that right! Grr... Anyway, I loved 07 Ghost. "
  • Howls moving castle
    "I luv Howl's Moving Castle, it was awesome! The movie was better than the book, i personally admit...it's from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghi..."
  • Inuyasha:)
    "I love Inuyasha, it was pretty awesome, both the anime and manga version. "
  • Spirit Away
    "The director made more movies at Studio Ghilbi. Check out the official website for more movies. I like most of them.."
  • What Anime Should I Read?
    "Check out Rozen Maiden. All about dolls that come to life, it's pretty cool. "
  • Spirit Away
    "I watched that movie! It was pretty cool at first, but after watching it again, it sort of died. It's anime, and made by Studio Ghilbi by H..."

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