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  • Cursed Pt 3
    [published: Jul 24, 2012, 2 comments]

    Hey there! If your reading this than the assassins failed. Sorry! But at least you get to read another part of……

  • Cursed Pt 2
    [published: Jul 18, 2012, 5 comments]

    Hmm, welcome back! :D if your here that - hopefully - you like this series. But if you've come to bash it...Get the……

  • Entwined Pt 10
    [published: Jul 16, 2012, 5 comments]

    SO SORRY!!!!! Sorry this came out soooooooooooo late!!!! Hope you still love me! *and hopefully in the friend……

  • Cursed Pt 1
    [published: Jul 04, 2012, 11 comments]

    Hey this is Posion Rain! Sorry, but my old user got hacked into so I had to make a new user. Some jackwagon of a guy……

  • What flavor of ice cream are you?
    [published: Jun 29, 2012, 7 comments]

    Ok, thanks for clicking this quiz! I hope you like this quiz, and please comment and rate!!!! ……

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  • Ohai c;
    "Me too. I mean there were moments where I thought they looked cute but I found her annoying most times. She was like that gf who can't live ..."
  • Ohai c;
  • Ohai c;
    "Well :p they were cute together. Too bad they didn't last."
  • Ohai c;
    "I did :0 but why? That I never figured out."
  • Ohai c;
    "Cause he's a ho :3 idk I just call everyone ho. I'm weird like that."
  • Ohai c;
    "Alright thanks! :) he really needs it."
  • Ohai c;
    "I'm sorry :( I really am. Next time you see him, could you smack him for me and call him a ho? I would but I can't."
  • Ohai c;
    "So, cause I have no clue where maywood is, you two don't go to school together anymore?"
  • Ohai c;
    "Oh I'm sorry :/ Sounds like something me and my mom would end up doing :p that's just horrible."
  • Ohai c;
    "That ho. Why though? Where is he now?"
  • Ohai c;
    "What? Wait....what??"
  • Ohai c;
    "Hey I forgot to ask you but how is Xavier doing?"
  • Hai.
    "Yep :)"
  • Hai.
    "3 day weekend"
  • Hai.
    "Boring as heck :P can't wait till labor day weekend"

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