Do you hate your teacher?

This quiz is to show how much you hate your teacher. We had a teacher that we absolutely hated. She was rude, stuffed her face all day, made us cry, and treated us unfairly.

But we also had teachers we liked that annoyed us a little. You have to know the difference between hate and annoyance. It could make or break your school life.

Created by: woodnicole7
  1. Have you made up a "nickname" for him/her?
  2. You're mad at him/her. When they turn thier back, you...
  3. Have they ever made you cry?
  4. When you have a question and they don't answer, you...
  5. Does the phrase, "Payback's a b****" make you think of them?
  6. They are grading for your final grade, you...
  7. When they see you, do they stop smiling?
  8. Do they grade you unfairly?
  9. Do you hum an offensive song when they walk by?
  10. Have you ever said something rude about them when they walked by, and if you do it sounds like...

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Quiz topic: Do I hate my teacher?