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  • What are you wearing?
    "Pink aeropostale shirt, skinny jeans, unmatching socks. :0"
  • Some Sad News
    ":( I'm sorry. My friend, 6 years old, has luekimia."
  • "Hi! Hi! This is a short message..."
  • I'm very anxious ^_^
    "I'm sure you'll make it! :D"
  • what swimming did to me
    "That's good! I don't do swimming team, but I do swim."
  • Secret thread
    "*sits on coffiny couch thingy* Uh... I gotta go..."
  • Who wants to chat?
    "Hi. Random chatting..."
  • camp Half-blood
    "I walked into the camp with a centaur grabbing my arm. It stretched out acres. 'We're here!" he announced. I sighed. I had a bad day- claime..."
  • camp Half-blood
    "Name:Rose Mittchel God:Aphrodite (venus) Hair:Long, wavy blonde Eyes:Azure blue Skin:Pale Other:D"
    "HAHAHA! Posting... la, la la la laaa!!"
  • Ellis
    "Unless you reallyyy want to become vegetarian, you can eat dairy, 'cause you aren't killing animals when you do that."
  • Who's still on here?
    "Hi hi hi!! I'm exausted right now, but I made an effort to go on."
  • "@ 66 sick. Nooo way. Don't say that. Uhh... well, lets just say believing that someone I know could ever be my"
  • I'm sad and happy..
    "That stinks. But its ok, that's happened to me before. Even though I could have been better, only the people that were on the team last year..."
  • wanna play a game?
    "Would you rather eat spagetti made of worms, or a bowl of grapes made from beetle dung? I'd go with... beetle dung, cause I hate worms."

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