Are you smarter than your friends

There are alot of smart people in the world.Do you think your smart enough to take this quiz? if you are then rock on,win it dont leave it go on try it you might win it..

Are you a genius or not come on win, you will be the smartest person on your friends if you answere it all correct gave me a 100% ok so go try.your power your brain.

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  1. How many days in One year.
  2. Some months have 30 days some months have 31 days.But how many months have 28 days.
  3. If 50+50=100.What is the answere if you add up two numbers and the answere is 100. 65,35,75,25
  4. Guest if you are right. what name is My Bestfriend name.
  5. There is 8 pigs on the top of the building.there is 1 leader what ever the leader do they will follow it. so the leader jump on the building how many is left.
  6. The word is(siatb).look at the begging of the letters does it match it.(Show is about ato beggin)does it match.
  7. Who is Selena Gomez Bestfriend.
  8. On the show of Bolt.who is the girl name Penny.
  9. If you have a dog and its so mad what would you do.
  10. What is the opposite of Unreal.
  11. If its 10:30am and u add 5 hours what time is it.

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter than my friends