Half Blood Prince quiz- extra hard

The Half-Blood-Prince is book six in the Harry Potter series, and also very good. I made this quiz because HPB was one of my favorite HP books written.

But can you master this extra hard quiz? Don't use a book or look up the answers and see what score you can get. Go ahead, try! That's what quizzes are for.

Created by: pinkjumper
  1. What is the name of the village when Harry visits Horace Slughorn?
  2. What does Slughorn say when he 1st recognizes Harry?
  3. When Harry's stuck in the Slytherin Train compartment, who rescues him?
  4. When looking at the pensieve, who is bringing the news that Morfin has a trial?
  5. According to the book, what job did Voldemort want as a teacher?
  6. What is wrong with the cover art on Half Blood Prince? (U.S. Version)
  7. Which of the following does Harry do at the very end of the book? (like, the last page)
  8. How does Harry 'meet' the Half Blood prince? (thru the book)
  9. The reason Draco becomes a Death eater is he is following his father.
  10. At the beginning of the book, Draco gets robes with his ______:

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