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  • Witch MLP character are you?
    [published: Nov 03, 2012, 1 comment]

    this took me about an hour to make and all of the knowledge was pulled off of the top of my head so……

  • How Much Like me are you
    [published: Nov 02, 2012, 2 comments]

    it took me a while to make this so i hope you enjoy taking this quiz and yes i did run out of ideas……

  • How Derpy Are You
    [published: Oct 30, 2012, 10 comments]

    I got bored one day amd thought "How derpy am I?" that then led me to make this quiz. it took a while so i……

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  • Hello.
  • Hello.
    "I don't remember a question Icee. Hello Jazzy."
  • Hello.
  • Hello.
    "How is everyone?"
  • Hello.
    "G: wha'? Any way... it's bed time now, cya! awe... bye Queeny!"
  • Hello.
    "Gryphon! she has your picture! G: don't care"
  • Hello.
    "hello! G: i'm gonna go drink a gallon of milk hehe"
  • Hello.
  • \/ my room \/
    "Pulvia: so quiet"
  • \/ my room \/
    "finally not grounded Pulvia: next time there's a massive storm, i'm gonna call in ill... yeah"
  • sorry gryph
    "Gryphon: both of you to bed, now fine *walks off* Pulvia: *walks off* Thunder: so i get to go? Gryphon: yes"
  • sorry gryph
    "Gryphon: you know about- Thunder: i sleep spoke Gryphon: you did? Thunder: medicine for my cold Gryphon: *sigh f"
  • sorry gryph
    "Gryphon: i'm thinking of this but we still have to go to work right? Gryphon: i'm phoning Dr. Atmosphere cross-dimensio"
  • sorry gryph
    "Gryphon: biggest storm you've ever seen on the school grounds... Thunder: the thunder only crack three windows Gryphon:..."
  • sorry gryph
    "*is hugged* Thunder & Pulvia: *staring at floor looking sorry* Gryphon: i'm trying to tell them off they almost destroyed "

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