How Derpy Are You

I got bored one day amd thought "How derpy am I?" that then led me to make this quiz. it took a while so i hope you enjoy it what you take it. good luck on not being derpy

Boredom leads me to do weird stuff, here's an example of the weird stuff i make on gotoquiz when i'm bored. good luck on not being super-dooper-looper derpy

Created by: LightningTread
  1. how many times have you forgotten your wearing your glasses?
  2. how many times have you gone into a room and forgotten what you were doing?
  3. how many times have you been in the middle of a sentence and forgotten what you were saying?
  4. how much can you remember at once
  5. do you foget friends' names?
  6. have you ever forgotten your own name?
  7. do people say your stupid? (a mounth)
  8. how derpy do you think you are?
  9. if you say derp do people laugh of just nod?
  10. Did you spot my derps? (no effect, tell me in comments)

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Quiz topic: How Derpy am I