What Warrior Cat name do you have?

Do you likey he Warriors Series? Ever wondered YOUR warrior name?! Find out in THIS quiz! Hope you like it!! GOOD LUCK!! (Hope this is accurate! It SHOULD be) :)

Good luck guys!! Don't forget to rte an comment! Thanks and good luck!! (Note that these aren't characters in the books just names I thought up, please no hateful comments! Thanks!)

Created by: Dat random chic

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  1. You see your Mate killed by another clan member, you...
  2. After a long day of hunting, your clan catches nothing to eat. The Kits are hungry and so are the others, you...
  3. You are getting taught by a grumpy, hard elder cat, you...
  4. Your clan is under attack!! You..
  5. You see an enemy KILL a clan member's kits while they are away, you...
  6. You love another cat from an OPPOSITE clan!! You...
  7. Do you want kits?
  8. Favorite meal?
  9. What's your fur like?
  10. You see a Twoleg pick up your kit and take it to their den. You...
  11. How did you like this quiz? (No effect)

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Quiz topic: What Warrior Cat name do I have?