Which MLP character are you?

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A lot of people resemble ponies. Some present Rarity, or Derpy. Even Octavia. A lot of people like finding quizzes on them too. It is simply interesting to find what you'll get.

Are YOU ready? This is for girls in particular. Are you Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, or Pinkie Pie? How about Rainbow Dash? Or Fluttershy? Heck, you may even be Applejack!

Created by: NovaLicious

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  1. You watching a play, and it calls for a volunteer. They pick you! What are your reactions?
  2. The guy you like, likes your best friend. Now, they are dating! Your reaction?
  3. What most describes you?
  4. Favorite Show?
  5. Are you organized?
  6. How awesome are you? Really?
  7. What clique are you in at school?
  8. Who do you think you'll get? (Doesn't affect score!)
  9. Favorite word?
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Quiz topic: Which MLP character am I?