How Much Like me are you

it took me a while to make this so i hope you enjoy taking this quiz and yes i did run out of ideas near the end of it so don't try and comment on it please.

is it just me or are the paragraph minimal character annoying? blahblahblah... still not full blahblahblah... wow still not enough oh my gosh c'mon fill. up. yay!

Created by: LightningTread

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  1. are you shy?
  2. are you kind to people, even if you don't know them?
  3. if your friend is in trouble (about to fall off of a cliff, about to get shot, etc) what do you do?
  4. do you watch my little pony friendship is magic?
  5. do you watch my little pony friendship is magic?
  6. do you like muffins (and cookies)
  7. are you a gamer?
  8. do you start humming if you bored
  9. do you like school?
  10. are you hard to irritate but when you are, you REALLY are?

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