Time Less Love Part 16

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I'm sorry I'm late I had a vacation, now I have debate now. Blah, blah, blah either way I hope you enjoy it. So sorry I'm late, make sure to leave me comments, suggestions, rates. I love you all and hope you enjoy the quiz.

Comment, rate, leave me suggestions I am open for new ideas. I went back to the original result form and if you have any thoughts about it just leave a comment, trust me I read them all.

Created by: BlackandWhite
  1. I'M SORRY. I'm sorry it's late, I had to go on my dad's lame, slow, crappy computer because he took the laptop I was using because the things I was doing, "weren't schoolwork." *Eye roll* I had to wait a couple of days to even figure out that the last episode I saw of Game of Thrones was even the finale. Alas to the quiz.
  2. Thanks to comments from some of the quiz takers I am going back to the original result form that I had before. Meaning you can pick a guy you may want in the end and you just might not get him; basically you're matching up by personality but that doesn't mean you are assigned to that guy just your personalities are similar to that guys.
  3. If you wish merely go back to and select the guy you want and it will show you the result at the bottom, of the page for the guy you actually like. Then showing his heartfelt concern and will to be with you; sounds cheesy but it's about what you want. Now enjoy! Which guy do you want.
  4. "These will be your living quarters for the remainder of your stay ______________." You follow Kasidel into a mud hut about 100 yards from the her father's cottage. You look disappointedly toward the hut as it is so shabby compared to the cottage you just left. You see a pipe sticking out of the top for what looks like the ventilation for a fire place. There is a hole carved out the side for what seems to be a window with a door made of tightly bond sticks and branches. "Come inside," Kasidel beckons you toward the open door. Shuffling inside you look around to a straw cot a crudely made dresser and chair. You sigh in disdain but appreciate the gesture of even having housing.
  5. "Settle in," Kasidel says as she leaves shutting the door behind her. You look around and realize there really isn't anything to settle into. "Ah. I'll go for a walk," you suggest to yourself and turn and leave your hut. You look around at the village and cautiously proceed out into the open.
  6. You walk along checking out all the villagers. Some would turn to you with either curious stares, glares, or you were just being blatantly ignored. You walk aimlessly wonder through the village watching as they went through their daily life. You look around paying attention to everything else but what's in front of you until you walk straight into a wall toppling over.
  7. Caught off guard you sit up rubbing your head. Realizing that wall you ran into was still solid but still a bit too soft to be a wall. Looking up to one of your least favorite people, a very muscular, and glaring Cassava. (You: Oh great-__-). "You again?" Cassava bites out, "what are you..." Cassava stops his rant and looks wide eyed over your head; his demeanor totally changed. He looks like a scolded puppy who just got caught tearing his owner's shoes to bits. You turnover searching what he is looking at only to find Kasidel with an arm full of scrolls, staring at him intently. With his ears drooping and avoiding your eyes Cassava lends you a hand which you reluctantly take.
  8. As you stand you both watch Kasidel walk away. "Look," Cassava harshly whispers to you, his glare returned. "If you do anything that will hurt Kassidel, you will regret doing so." With that Cassava turns and begins stomping away. Before thinking you call out, "You like her don't you," in more of a statement than a question. You stand there with your arms folded as he whorls around wide eyed to face you. He stares shocked and you notice his eyes darting back and forth between the few people who had heard. All but about 4 or 5 people were looking a little stunned to him back to you.
  9. "Come on," Cassava with lightning speed grabs your wrist and drags you away before you even have a chance to protest. He drags you behind one of the buildings where no one can see either of you. He grabs you around the arms and forcefully pushes you into the wall behind you. "You're going to stop talking about this, just shut up!"
  10. "I get it now. Your mean to me because you're afraid I will hurt Kasidel, isn't it!" "But you won't now will you," Cassava hisses tightening his grip on your arm. Realizing yelling isn't the best approach you search your mind for an alternative to your predicament. "I can help you," you whisper looking up at him, "I can help you get her." Your face was genuine but the words sounded farfetched. You watch patiently as many emotion played over Cassava's face; "what can you do?" Cassava whispers back taking his hands off of your arms. "I have an idea or two," you say confidently only wishing that was true. Cliffhanger! Pick your guy

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