How imaginative are you?

So what did you think of the quiz. If you got good job from what you truely tapped then awesome. I would encourage you to write a book because it can express your ideas.

I'm still unsure about the book I'm writing but I hope people enjoy it. If you have ideas than share them and Si there an option to comment. If there is comment the ideas you have.

Created by: Mitchell or Lickniss
  1. What kinda books do you read
  2. If you write a book what kind of thing do you look for
  3. If you could be anywhere were would it be
  4. What would be your preferred name
  5. What is your favourite fantasy animal
  6. What of these do you like
  7. What is your dream pet
  8. What would be your dream destination
  9. Do you believe humans are important
  10. And finally, how much books have you written
  11. I know what is a creative book

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Quiz topic: How imaginative am I?