How likely is it that we would be friends?

This is my first quiz on GoToQuiz!!! I made this to experiment on how to make them and stuff, so yeah. I look forward to making more quizzes, and thank you so much for spending the time to take this! Look forward to more quizzes (hopefully much better ones, too)!

This quiz is a simple quiz, with one main question: How likely would it be that we would become friends? It is 22 questions long, and I hope you enjoy taking it as much as I loved making it! This isn't the best quiz, after all it is my first, but I assure you I will improve my skills ;') Oh, and please leave a comment on how well it was, if you have ideas on how to make them better, topics I should make quizzes on, and of course the score you got! Have fun 😸

Created by: Geo_Samitrae
  1. Do you like anime and manga?
  2. Do you prefer telling jokes or listening to them?
  3. Are you honest and loyal? Do you stick to your word?
  4. Are you wild and energetic, but know when you are annoying people and need to stop?
  5. Rate your level of creativity.
  6. What kind of music do you like?
  7. Which is your favorite subject?
  8. You date someone because...
  9. Do you believe in luck and fate?
  10. Are you okay with being friends with and hanging out with people of the opposite gender?
  11. Are you a nerd, geek, bookworm, etc.?
  12. Are you an animal lover?
  13. You prefer...?
  14. Do you like fast food?
  15. How often do you eat fast food?
  16. Do you like fitness and sports?
  17. Can you take a joke?
  18. Are you patient? Forgiving?
  19. Are you a diva or jock?
  20. Are you good at cheering peeps up?
  21. Are you courageous and a risk taker?
  22. You have reached the end of the quiz! Thanks for taking! One last question: do you like rainbows?

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