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  • "I almost forgot my password"
  • My tree
    "*Starts squawking*"
  • My tree
    "*Takes the skirt and top off, giggling* That's enough for one day"
  • My tree
    "*runs around the room with a skirt and crop top on with his headfeathers in a ponytail yelling "I feel pretty and witty and gay!"*"
  • Heros (TV) RP
    ""Are you different?" Tom tilts his head"
  • Heros (TV) RP
    ""I Like... Special" He picks up a broken piece of wood from the dumpster and it slowly floats up, nails and wood laying in a pile on the flo..."
  • My tree
    "What I love best about this tree is I can do whatever I like in it"
  • Heros (TV) RP
    ""Cool" He smiles slightly "You didn't freak out at what I did... Are you different too?""
  • Heros (TV) RP
    "It was fine, as if nothing had been growing on it "taste good?""
  • Heros (TV) RP
    "He reaches into the dumpser and pulls out a moldy, yet whole apple. "hmm..." he pulls at the mold and it turns into a clump in his other han..."
  • Heros (TV) RP
    ""want something to eat?""
  • Heros (TV) RP
    "// so is that down the alley or what? My brain hurts"
  • silently yells*
    "Well I'm sat on a dumpster in an alley and you're talking to me. Nothing else"
  • silently yells*
    "okey dokey lokey"

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