How far would you make it in "The Hunger Games"

The Hunger Games... 24 children go in and only one comes out. You must use your strength, speed, smarts, and skill to win! So that only leaves one question... who will win?

Could YOU win? Do you have strength, speed, skill, and smarts? How far would you make it? if you could even make it at all! Now you can tell... with this quiz!

Created by: Alexander
  1. The gong rings for the beginning of the games... what do you do?
  2. Your in the woods and you need to light a fire... what do you do?
  3. The careers are close by... what do you do?
  4. You need a silver power chute... what do you do?
  5. The arena is being flooded... what do you do?
  6. Your in a big battle with three tributes... what do you do?
  7. A feats has been called... what do you do?
  8. You ally dies... what do you do?
  9. All thats left are you an the following Districts... which is the best ally?
  10. You're at the final battle... how do you fight?

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