The hunger games. are u the #1 fan?

can you survive in the hunger games arena? surrounded by people who want to kill you and disgusting muttations created by the evil and sinister capital? take this quiz and find out!!

are you the number one hunger games fan?, do you sit around all day, reading the books, watching the trailer online and dream about the love between Katniss and Peeta? then your Perfect for this quiz!

Created by: KatnissandPeeta
  1. what weapon did Katniss use to release the tracker-jackers? (the hunger games)
  2. What is the last sentence of chapter 18 in "the hunger games"?
  3. What is the name and district number of the tribute that killed Rue? (the hunger games)
  4. What does district 4 represent?
  5. what is Wiress' phrase in "Catching Fire"?
  6. What is the last sentence in "mockingjay"
  7. what is the names of the tributes in district 11? (the hunger games)
  8. does Katniss have a nickname for Primrose?
  9. how many times does Katniss and Gale kiss in "catching fire"?
  10. what is the name of the tributes of district 7? (hunger games)
  11. who wrote the hunger games trilogy? (you should know this!)

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