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  • 7 devilishly hot fire mins
    [published: Dec 06, 2011]

    hey guys!!!!!!!!! see the pic smexi right so take my quiz express ur inner dirty n give ur own made……

  • do you know JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!
    [published: Nov 02, 2011]

    there are many smart jb people but a few justin biebers know em all what are they they are a group……

  • how much do you know me ?
    [published: Oct 19, 2011]

    see the world told him he couldn't sell out madision square garden but he did he did all those things……

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  • "im a cheer leader so basicly jocks die to date me but i want some one who u know more interested in me any ideas n if brice ur on this page ..."
  • did you know..
    "wtf r u dum idiots talking about !!!!!"

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