Life has more meaning to it (Part 6)

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Hi! Part 6 is here! I'm so sorry that its late. I got really busy and I just had a BIG writers block. I apologize. I know its short and your gona be really

mad at me for making it short. I know your probably bored of my same random pictures. I'm sorry! I sound like a recording and- Aug! Life can be so busy. I hope you enjoy it though.

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. You nod and he just walks away. You look down and think "Wow he is hot...." But you shake your head and bump into James. "Hi..." He said smiling. You blush and smile. "Hi James what are you doing?" You ask. "Just walking around the cloud do want to come with me?" He asked. You nodded your head. You two walked around the cloud and talked. Your talking soon turned into making out. After a while you notice that its noon. "Wow time flys when your having a good time.." You say. He nodded and you two looked at the edge. You see the dark clouds from last night in the same place but they were bigger. "Something is going on over there." You say.
  2. You felt that urge to go down there. You looked closely and almost fell off the edge. James held onto you so you wont fall. "What is that?" He asked. "I have a feeling that we should be down there." You said. "But Zekial probably wouldn't-" James was about to start but you run off to where the pegasus were. You hopped on the one that you rode to get on here and you were flying downward. You felt a pressure on your chest and felt the cold icy air. You see that James came in from behind you with the horse that he rode previously. He had his pegasus go next to you and said "Can't leave you to go down here by yourself. He smiled and you smiled back. You were about to land but a streak of darkness went straight to you and clashed into the flying horses.
  3. You fell to the ground on your back. Good thing that you wern't that high in the sky. You saw James and he landed in some rose bushes. "Ouch thats gotta hurt" Said a familar voice. You got up and saw that same guy who left the two kidnappers. "Hello Kate" He smiled.
  4. "I havn't seen you for quiet some time. I would intoduce myself but that will just get the angels a demon to look for." He said. His eyes glowed red. "Whats happening to the school?" You asked. "Just doing some improvements. Searching for any trace of that little friend of yours. Do you know where she is?" He asked nicly.
  5. You heard a horse and saw Angelica and Leo come down. She was still in her small white dress but her wings hid behind her. The man smiled and said "And here she appears on a Angelic horse of light." She looked at him and said "I don't know you." "You don't guess I'm not that famous in heven up there." He said flirting like. "What do you want with my girlfriend?" Leo asked getting in front of her.
  6. He was about to say something else but a beam of light came from the sky. There you saw a man with blond hair and golden armor with big wings on his back and a long angelic sword. His voice was deep and strong. The guy's eyes grew wide and he backed away. Then a arrow came from behind him and you saw Zekial in silver armor and a bow. "Ready to fire on your command Michael." He said aiming at the guy. "This is not where I should be. Not here. Its somewhere else. The dark clouds are staring to mess with us. Leading us to the wrong place." He said. He had beautiful blue eyes. The light faded and he was gone with the sound of chariots behind him.
  7. Zekial let go of his string and struck the guy and a burst of light destoryed him. The dark cloud fadded away to a normal night cloud. "They are trying to lead us differently...." Zekial sighed and the bow and arrows disappeared. His armor disappeard into the same clothes that you met him in. He looked at Angelica. "Angelica I thought we went over this. Your not suppose to leave that cloud. Its too dangerous for you down here."
  8. "Zekial I don't need to be bossed around like a child. I'll go where I want to." She said. Zekial looked at her. "Wait you think that I'm babing you?" He said with a little bit of anger in his voice. "Yes you are. Before I came down here you didn't want me to come down to the earth. If that spell that I used didn't were out then you would have found me sooner." She said and turned her back on him. "Dont'-" He was about to say but he stopped himself. He shook his head and sighed. "What was that?" Angelica said and turned around to look at him. He said sarcstically tilting his head "Oh! You heard that? Sorry I just didn't want to seem bossy." She seem to have gotten mad. He touched her shoulder and looked at her and said "That was your first test." She looked down and said "It was.......guess I didn't do that well....." "An angel is suppose to follow orders by our Father and our suppiors like Michael or a angel who is older then you because you are still learning." He said calmly. "She nodded and said "I sometimes forget that you are about 200,000 years old...." She said. Your eyes widened and you said shocked. "Wait your- how old!?" Leo asked shocked too. "You don't even have a wrinkle...." Leo looked at him closer. He moved his head close to him. As if he's looking for some type of wrinkle. Zekial looked at him and said "Can you stop staring at me like that if you please."
  9. Angelica covered her mouth and she laughed silently. He looked at her confused. "What?" He asked. "Okay do you angels use some type of cream? I mean look at your skin its flawless!" Leo said. As he looked closer. He sighed and looked at him with eyes that warned him as Leo went and hugged the smiling Angelica. He turned around and seemed to clear his throat and said "I guess that your going to be staying here for quiet some time. You can't be down here all by yourself you know." He said. She nodded and said "I'll be fine Zeek. I have my friends." He nodded and said "Farewell" Then a light glowed and you covered your eyes. You saw where he was standing and he was gone. You looked at the sky and saw a new bright star.
  10. Hi! Thats the end of part 6!

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