Life has more meaning to it (Part 3)

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Hi! Heres part 3! So how do you think your friend will do on her date with Leo? Are you upset that she's getting all of the attention of popular guys and your not?

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Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. "You don't know what a date is do you?" You said to Angelica as you sat on the bench thats around your school. She shook her head. "Is a date bad?" She asked. "No its not bad. A date is tecnically when a person asks someone else out to get to know them better." You say, "Also if you like the person and enjoy their company then you would go on more dates with them, And if you really like them then you become their boyfirend or girlfriend. You only stay with them in a mentaly close relationship. Because you have feelings for them." You explained. "Okay so he just wants to get to know me better?" She asked. You nodded. "Yup he wants to know you better cause he kinda likes you from what he see's of you. Thats all a date is." You said. She nodded. "Okay so I meet with him after school and I'll go on this date with him?" She said. "Is that what he said?" You asked. She nodded. "Okay, first let me give you some tips on dating. Smile more okay. You really can be a angel from that tv show. And be your self. Talk to him and get to know him more. And last don't tell him that your an angel. Okay?" You said. "I'll do that." She said.
  2. You go through the school day and see Angelica walk off with Leo. You wait by her house for hours. Then you see a black cheverolet impala drive up her drive way. She walks out and says her good-byes. Once he was gone you asked her "So how was your date?" "It was good I suppose." She said. "What do you mean by suppose?" You ask her. "Well he was all gentlmen like to me and he even asked for the best table at the restruant. I feel bad cause he spent a lot of money for reservations and-" She was going to continue but you smiled and said "Thats how dates are. And where did you go?" You asked her. "Olive Garden. There was a lot of wine. I was actually tempted not to drink it...." She said. "Angels drink?" You raised an eyebrow. "Well I like grapes and wine is made out of grapes...." Angelica covered her head and shook it.
  3. "Well to let you know it sounded like a nice date. Are you going to have another one?" You asked. "I said yes but I asked him for a place that wasn't that exspensive. He said about going to a park or something." She said. "The park is a nice place to go. Its free and you can have a lot of fun there." You said. "I guess I'm not use to all of this dating matter...." She shook her head in her arms again. "Look it okay, thats how dates are." You said to her. "If you say so...." She said.
  4. Days pass on to weeks. You have alone walks as Angelica spends more and more time with Leo. Leo was James best friend since like preschool so he was left to go home alone also. Some days of the weeks you and James would spend time together talking about school and that sort of stuff and how Leo and Angelica are really liking each other. In some of your talks you actually found out that you and James have a lot more in common then you thought. He likes music ans sports as well do you. You then start spending more time with him after school at least at his house or yours talking for hours with eachother. You then start to have feelings for him. But you don't know if he feels the same. One day your driving to his house in his new camero. His family is kinda rich. Almost millionares. Almost. Your listening to music and laughing about the food fight that happened at the school. "You remember how Jasmine threw threw that pizza at Jacob and he tried to doge it?" You laugh. He smiled and laughed "Yeah! That was funny." You laughed so hard that your stomach started to hurt. Tears was in your eyes and you saw that James was red. You take deep breaths as he pulled into his drive way. You walked to his room and he followed you. It was just a normal bedroom with a bed, desk, closet, laptop, shelves and a tv. You sat on his bed and brought out your homework. You and him asked questions on each of your different homeworks. You were finished so you and him started talking about random stuff as you two always did. You layed down on his belly and listened as he talked.
  5. "So James the most popular guy at school I have a little game for you." You said as you sat up across from him. "What is this game?" James asked. "Truth or dare?" You said. "I say truth." He said. "Is it true that you had 50 girlfriends in your entire life?" You asked. "Nope only 5." He said. "Glad to know that rumor is not true." You said. "My turn. Truth or dare?" He asked. "Truth." You say. "Okay do you have a crush on a guy at school?" He asked. "Nope" You say. "Okay truth or dare?" You continue on. "Dare, everyone chooses truth so I'm gona live on the edge." He said. "Kiss me then hot shot." He smiled and held you close and kissed you on the lips.
  6. You had a 5 second kiss and looked at each other. He kissed you again but this time it was more passionate. You fell on his back and he was on top of you. You stopped after a while and looked at each other. He stroked your hair out of your face and kissed you one last time. "Did you win?" He asked. You nodded and kissed him on the cheek. "Well I guess you won me." You said. He held you tight and you went back to making out. Then you noticed that it was 11:20. Time sure flys. He drove you back to your house and you kissed him good-bye. You opened your door and he left.
  7. The next day you walked to Angelica at lunch. She was slowly eating her turkey sandwich. "Hi Kate, how are you today?" She asked you when you sat down. "I feel good how about you?" You asked her. "I'm good, I see that your happy." She said. You nodded. "Are you happy?" You asked her. She looked at where Leo sat. "Yes, I feel vary happy with Leo...." She smiled, "So he asked me when should we kiss. But I don't know if he would want to kiss me though..." She said. "Well you like him right? Then kiss him." You said. "But I don't know how to make the first move." She said. "Well he'll probably make the first move. Try to be prepared for it. Guys can be unpredictable sometimes when it comes to relatioships. Sometimes they are like dogs and you let them loose your gona have to catch them." You said taking a bite of your taco.
  8. Your walking in the hallway and see James. You guys talk for a little bit and then he kissed you when it was time for class. You saw on of his xgirlfriends see you two kiss. She didn't seem happy at all. You did your normal classes. After school you were going to watch James's football practice with Leo and Angelica. Leo is on the baseball team and there is no practice today.
  9. Next thing you know you see Angelica and Leo making out. You feel uncomrtable so you leave them when James has a little quick break. You meet up with him and hand him a nice cold water bottle. "Thanks" He said. He kisses you and then takes a drink of water. He goes back to the field. You walk to the side of the benches and get a feeling that someone is watching you. You look around and see that no one is watching you.
  10. Hi! Thats the end of part 3! Part 4 will be out soon!

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