Life has more meaning to it (Part 7)

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Hi! This is part 7 of life has more meaning to it! I hope you enjoyed it. To let you all know this part has my beliefs and heart into it. So I hope you all learn from it.

Comment and rate if you like. I don't mind if you do. I'm also making a new series called "Love found at sea" I hope you like this and see meaning to life. Also on question 12 to the end play this piano song called My most precious treasure from angel beats. It has no words but its a nice happy song. Also on question 11 play Decisive battle. Also from angel beats and question 10 play theme of sss(Angel beats). Yes I watched the tv shows and thought that the songs go good with the quiz.

Created by: Wolfygirl
  1. Months past and senior year was slowly fading. You counted day after day. But for whatever reason you felt that something is about to happen. You and James were boyfriend and girlfriend now. One day you were running a couple of laps and saw Angelica running to the bathroom. You followed her and saw that she was crying. "Angelica whats wrong?" You asked her.
  2. She looked at you and said "Leo cheated on me...." "What?!" You said. "I found him kissing another girl passionatly and knew......" She said crying. You went next to her to comfort her. "Its okay...." You say. She just cried. Once she stopped she was quiet and left with out a word. You had a feeling that you wanted to give Leo a piece of your mind. You walked up to him and slapped him in the middle of the hallway and said "Your and idiot you know that?" He looked at you with a "what?" expression. "A perfectly hot girl who so special in so many ways and you break her nice heart like a bubble! Your a idiot!" Then you go stomping off.
  3. You go through your class periods and you hear from a girl next to you talking about Angelica "Hey did you hear?" "What?" The other girl said. "That Leo cheated on that one chick who all the guys think is hot" "Really? When?" "I heard it was straight from the start." "Gosh I feel bad for her. Hey did you hear that she's related to that one pop tart company owner?" "Yeah so?" "I saw him a couple weeks ago walk out of the girls bathroom with Kate." "Wow, he's either gay" "I know right? And she's going out with James. Wait until he hears that."
  4. Then the school day was over and you see Angelica walk up to you and say "How could you. I thought you were my friend?" She walked away and you said "What did you hear?" "That you knew that Leo was cheating on me." She said angerly. "Angelica I would never do that to you. Never. Your my friend." You say. "Thats not what I humans....." She said. She sounded like she was about to cry. "What about humans?" You asked. "Is this what its like to get hurt.....I thought that it would be phycial damage....not mental......." She said. You heard Leo come up and said "What was all of that for?!" He seemed upset. "Because you broke my young sisters heart." You heard Zekial. He had jeans and a silver jacket with a white T-shirt. "He walked over to Leo and said "You think that since she's and angel she wont get heart broken?" "Zekial...." Angelica tried to say but Leo said "What do you mean. I would do nothing to break her heart!" His eyes showed that he dispised lies "I hate that your lying to me right now. You think we angels don't have feelings? We do. We can feel pain, saddness, heart breaks." Zekial continued "Angelica your comeing back to heven with me." He turned to her. "No I want to stay...." She said. "We going. I just can't belive that man has come to this point. You just don't understand how good you have it." He turned around and said "Lets go" James came and said "whats going on Kate? I heard that you were in the bathroom with another guy." People started to surround us. Watching to see whats going to happen.
  5. Zekail walked away from the crowd followed by Angelica. Leo reached out to her but Zekial snapped at him saying "Don't get near my sister." You heard girls whispering "Thats him there....." "James let me explain-" You were going to say but James said "I loved you Kate. Okay, then I find out that you cheated on me?" James said but you say "James no I-" He looked at you and walked away. Soon the crowd died and it started to rain. You looked down and wanted to cry but didn't. "How did all of this happen...." You think. Soon the time was late. you were walking home and meet into a guy that looked like Leo but with red eyes. "Its so easy to fool people. Isnt it Kate?" He said in a evil sharp happy voice. He grinned.
  6. "Nothing just broke your little friends heart and made Leo confused and everyone thinks that you cheated on James. Ahhh. The taste of pain and misery. So good. Especially if its from a human or and angel." He grinned. "You did all of this?" You said. "Not all of it. You humans can just bring misery and pain so easily. You know. Thats why the angels came. Thinking that they could help but they ended just hurting themselves mentally. Angelica with a broken heart. Zekial well thats a big juicy one. You see we demons feed on you pain and suffering. Mentaly and physical. Angels and how they are all about love. Bah! You don't need love to live. Look at my kind. We arn't giving love and we are sure alive." He laughed "Soon we'll rise and then a great battle will emerg and we'll win." He disappeared with that last sentence echoing in your mind. "We'll rise and soon a great battle will emerge....."
  7. You walked home and thought of what the demon said and what the two angels said. "We feed on pain and suffering." The demon said. "You think we angels have no feelings?" Zekial voice echoed. "You humans...." Angelica's voice echoed. You were walking to your house when you got and idea. You ran inside and got a paper and pen and started to write.
  8. The next day you walk from school and see James sitting down he got your note. Same did Leo. You looked around for Angelica but remembered that she returned to heaven. You see the demon from yesterday. He looked like Leo and you said "We humans not bring only pain or suffering you know?" You said. James and Leo saw you. They listened and you continue "We humans can bring happyness to ourselves. We can bring tears. Not only of pain but of joy. We may not be strong and powerful in power or strength. But what we are powerful in is love, faith and hope. Yeah people are mean but when they strike we can get up and move on. We can forgive. We can remember all of the joyful memories. No matter how small they are. We love and was cry. But in the end we know why we did what we did. We fight for not just survival but to find hope in all things. What your evil demonic kind are pridful and so hateful and not happy. You never tried to find love or happyness in any like that you were given. You never cried of joy and thought that only pain and suffering is the joy you need. You think thats what made people who they are? Well your wrong." You said. He eyes grew wide with anger. "What created this earth and what it will end in will and had always been was love and faith. Thats what the meaning to life. Enjoy what you have and never forget. Never give up on that small piece of hope. Never give into pain, suffering or fear. Because thats what you only are. You fear love, you fear hope. You fear happyness because you know that light always burns away the evil darkness. It always had and will. And whats in that light is something that you never even thought of. Life has more meaning to it."
  9. He held up his hand and darkness followed it. He gestured it to you but then a arrow of light deflected it. You turned and saw Zekial. His hand was glowing and he smiled when saw you. "Now you see how Life has more meaning to it." He said. Then the light in his hand grew bigger and bigger each second. The demon backed away. "No thats impossible." He had fear in his voice. His eyes grew wide. Zekial said "Not impossible. Just hard to get it. Kate take my hand." He reached his hand out and you felt a power. A pure power of light surged through you. In it you felt love, hope, faith, joy, happyness and more great things that you never felt. But it was pure. You felts another hand and Zekial said "Thats man's true power." You looked to your side and saw Angelica. She nodded in agreement. You looked at the demon and he said "But one human can't destory all of us!" Behind him shadows appeared. They were more demons. Leo and James came to you and held hands. You looked at yourself and saw a pure light replaced your body and soon the demons were all gone. The light faded and you asked Zekial "Was that coming from you?" Zekial shook his head "That was your power. A power that had no tricks to it. No weapon. No thought. It was the power of love that destoryed the demons. Cause like you said they feed on pain. But they fear love."
  10. "This is a power that we all have. Something that we were given since creation. Something that everything around you was created for. Love." Angelica said. "So the true meaning to life is love?" James asked. "Forgive those you curse. Love someone for them. God gave us all love when her created us all. His lesson in life to to love and enjoy all of the little things. Sometimes were can't see it at first. But when we do. We see past the water." Angelica said. Zekial touched her shoulder and said "Good job. You now see as do these three." He smiled. "I guess that everything that I heard wasn't true." James said. You explained to everyone what happened. Zekial nodded and said "You guys passed." "Passed what?" Everyone but him said in unity. He laughed and said "You'll see when I see you all back home."
  11. "Your leaving?" You asked the sun started to rise and you see the beautiful orange and pink sky as the sun came. "Yes, but not forever. When I am needed I will come again. But you'll see me. When it is your time." He said. "See you all in heven." He said medioly like and he was then gone. You looked down and at everyone else. You smiled. Everyone else smiled and then for the rest of your life you enjoyed every possilble moment. So did your friends. You lived a happy life...................
  12. Thats the end of this series. I hope you enjoyed it. And to let you know I put my heart and beliefs in this part.

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