Life has more meaning to it (Part 4)

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Hi! Part 5 is here! Hope you like it. So how do you think of your friend? Do you like your new boyfriend and your new life? Do you? Lets find out and see!

Have a fun time! Rate and comment if you like I don't care if you don't but it helps me to continue this series! I hope you have a fun time!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. You watch James play for a while and walked to the bathroom. Once you relived yourself and washed your hands you saw a girl standing there. She was pale, had dark hair with dark circles around her eyes and her lips were black. She was wearing a torn up gray dress. Actually it was suppose to be white but iy had a lot og blood stains and it was dusty from something. She was barefooted and her eyes were a redish black color. She smiled cruely and said "Hello Kate......I've been meaning to speak with you for a while.." She did a giggle. "Excuse me but who are you?" You asked. "That doesn't matter wheres your little angel friend?" She said.
  2. "What do you want with her?" You asked. Her smiled faded. "Just show me her and I'll be on my marry way." She said. "No not until-" You were going to say when the mirror in the girls bathroom shattered to pieces, the sinks areators came off, the tolit's water went off. The door slambed shut and a mirror shard floated in her hand. She threw it at you and it would had went straight through your eye but it didn't. It seemed to get slower by something. Like another force. It fell down to the ground.
  3. You then saw a 16 or 17 year old guy appeared. (Looked like Misha Collins) He appeared with jeans and a white shirt with a silver gray like jacket. "Go back where you came!" He said and rose his hand. The floors cracked around her and she fell into some type of pit or hole underneath her. You were going to look at it to get more details of the hole but the guy pulled you back and said "Don't you will be haunted by nightmare your entire life of haveing just a small glimps of it." You looked at the guy and saw that he had brown eyes that seemed tired and smart with his curly black hair(Pretty much looks like Cass but with out the voice and trench coat and pants.) "Who are you?" You asked him. "I'm Kate, an angel." He said. He closed his hands and the hole closed up as well. The water retreated back to where it all came from, the tolits went back to normal, the broken mirror was repaired and the areators went back on the sinks after the water went back in it and everything looked perfectly normal like before. But it was more cleaner then before. Like it was just brand new.
  4. "Wait your an angel? Like Angelica?" You asked. "So she told you. That young one still needs to learn what to tell and what not to tell." He sighed. "Wait so she's still young?" You asked him. He nodded. "Yes she is and shes in grave danger." He said leaveing the bathroom. A couple of girls saw him leave the bathroom and saw you leave it too after him. One of the girls whispered something in the other's ear. She nodded and brought out her phone and started to text something. "Angel just ruined my social life.....but he is cute. Muscular, young.....stop thinking of that remember your with James." You thought in your head. He walked outside and James came to you. Practice was over. He hugged you "Hey Kate" He kissed your cheek and saw the angel guy. "And sorry but who are you?" He asked the guy. "I'm the company owner for pop tarts and need a new clerk for taking in phone calls and some paper work. Angelica has a hi GPA and doesn't have any criminal records-" He was going to continue with something but you whipered in James ear "He's an angel" James nodded. The guy looked at you "Humans are terrible at keeping secrets you know?" He turned arpund and walked to the benches. He talked to them and then Angelica followed him down the benches with Leo. "Okay me and Angelica will be leaving." He said. He was going to walk off and Leo said "How can you be the owner of a part top company and be so young. And why can't I go with Angelica?" He asked. "Its in the family busness and your not in any relationship with her biologicaly or by marrage in any way so we'll be on our way." He was about to leave again when Leo said "Well I am her boyfriend." The guy paused and looked at Angelica with the corner of his eye. She blushed a little bit and did a little smile with a "oopsys I forgot to tell you that..." look. The guy said "Young man I belive that you wont be interest with any work in a-" He was going to say but Leo interupet saying "If it has anything to do with my girlfriend then I'm interested." He stood up to him.
  5. "Look your not coming and thats that." He turned around and Leo said "Hey your not going anywhere with my girlfriend!" He was walking to him and the guy turned around and said "She my younger sister and I need her back home now." He said. "Well I can drive her home" Leo said. "No thats too dangerous for her. The guy was about to say something when Angelica said "Zuekial let him come, he desevers to not be lied to." The guy names Zuekial looked at her and said "Come with me all of you." He said orderly. He walked and you followed. He whistled loudly. You were exspecting for some type of magical car or the magic schoolbus but nope. You heard wings flapping and you saw the most beauitiful creatures in your life. Pegasi. Their beautiful eagal like wings flapped silently through the setting sun. Their wings exspanded at least 20 feet in length and their feathers were 2 inches thick and 3 feet wide. They came down on the grass and your eyes nearly popped out. A white one walked to Zuekial. Then a black, brown, white and brown, and a bage one with black hair.
  6. Leo looked at them and said "Okay am I drunk or something?" The guy smiled "One of the most graceful creatures though people have not seen them. Now get on and follow me." He got on the white horse and Angelica ran to the brown one and hopped on. "You remember how to ride one of these Angelica?" Zuekial asked. Angelica nodded. You got on the spotted brown one. It was big and you tried not to fall off. You felt its big musciles and heard its breathing. "They are breath taking..." You thought. James got on the bage one with black hair and Leo got on the one that was black. "Ready?" Zuekial said. The horses clapped their hooves on the ground. "Wait but how are we suppose to-" James was about to ask but Zuekial's pegasus went off in the air.
  7. "Hey! How do we start them?" Leo yelled. "I don't like that guy..." He crossed his arms. "Zeek isn't that bad. He can be like Gabrieal sometimes. Orderly and being grown up and following the rules and all that. But he can be pretty fun once you get to know him." Anglica said. "Come on Berry lets fly...." She said to her horse. Then it flew off. It took the rest of you guys forever but the pegasi went into the air. They galloped and flapped their wings. Taking you into the air. They moved at great speed. They flew higher and higher. You looked down and couldn't see the buildings. You were above the clouds. You exspect to run out of breath or die from the pressure but you didn't. Then you saw a cloud and the horse went straight towards it. You were exspecting to get wet cause thats what clouds are made out of but the horse landed on it like it was solid ground. You saw Angelica walking around but she wasn't in her clothes that you bought her. She was wearing a small white dress that didn't go past her knees. If you looked closely at her back you saw folded wings. They were feathery like the horses and white. Angelica's make-up was gone and she was bare footed. She looked happy and said "Its so good to be back in the sky...." She did a twirl and looked at you with a happy face. Leo looked at her with "Oh My God she's hot!" look on his face. You had to laugh.
  8. "Is this heven?" James asked amazed. "No its not heven is.....well I wont tell you because it will be no surprise." Said Zeukial. You turned and saw him with some type of armor like clothing. It looked heavy but he walked around like it barely weighed a feather.(Think of the most angelic, hot looking guy that with black hair and brown eyes.) You wanted to drool at the site of him. (His armor is more angelic like with a torso plate and shorts that were made of silver lining with a sword and shield at his side and back)
  9. "This what you are standing on is a cloud. Heven is farther up and only those who have passed on and passed the test go on. This is all you can see with your human eyes." He said. "I miss home..." Angelica leaping around. "Now I think that you guys will be wanting to go back?" He said sarcstically. "Heck no! I wanna live here!" James said. Zeukial shook his head as if he knew that James would say that. "Well make yourselves home. It is your home. Part of it." He said.
  10. Hi! Thats the end of part 4!

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