Life has more meaning to it (Part 2)

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Hi! Sorry that this one is late! My computer is making me made by making me write this over and over! But I'll pull through! So your new friend reveals something to you by saving your life. What do you think of her now?

So do you enjoy your friend who just saved you? You saw wings and light comeing from her. For sure she has powers or shes not human. But will you still be her friend?

Created by: Wolfygirl
  1. You wake up on your ebd and look to your side. You see Angelica there sitting next to you. She was wearing the shirt that you bought her. She had some skinny jeans and her hair was braided. "Hi Angelica..." You say. You get up feeling and unusual pain in your chest. "Be careful, sometimes the light can burn if you look at it for too long." Angelica said. "Last night, was that you with the wings?" You asked her. "Yes that was me...." She looked down. "So I'm guessing that your an angel." You say. "How did you find out?" She said. "Well the first weeks at the school you talked to no one and finish work in half the time smart people do. You havn't heard what a party is, you never put on make up, you can sometimes be like a robot and you made James the most popular guy in the school confess right in front of you. Then I'm walking home and you shoot some type of beam of light and wings appear behind your back. So I think I have enough proof." You said. She nodded. "So your a supernatural angel with out a archangel knife and a suit?" You said. "What do you mean by that?" She asked. "Guess you never heard of the show. But in there the angels are totally emontionless and wear suits with archangel knifes. Its a good show. Very funny." You say. She nodded "So am I like those type of angels?" She asked. You shook your head "No, you at least smile and don't wear suits like them and your not possesing a person. Or are you?" You asked her. "No I am not. This form is to cover up my true one." She said. "If I saw your true form would my eyes burn?" You asked smiling. "No" She shook her head again.
  2. You say "So your an angel. Thats a lot to take in." She nodded. "So what are you doing down here from heven for?" You asked. "I was sent down here for a reason that I do not know." She said. "Okay so you don't know why your here?" You asked. She shook her head. "Well Castiel I belive its time that we get going to school." You say. "My name is not Castiel though." Angelica said. You sigh and say "Your turnning out to be more and more like him every day though." You get out of your bed and get changed in the bathroom. You curl your hair and (wear whatever you want to think of. Think of the normal stuff you wear every day) You walk out the door with Angelica and she asks you "So you met a guy named Castiel?" You shake your head and said "Just a little tv show joke." "I don't think that any angels I know are in tv shows." She said. "He was played by and actor." You say, "Do you know what an actor is?" You asked her. "Nope, I havn't been in touch with the human world for quiet some time." She said. "Well and actor is a person who pretends to be something or someone that they are not." You explain. "So they are never their true self?" She asked. "They are themselves when they are not in a camersial or a tv show. They have a life too." You say. "Okay I think I get it a little." She said.
  3. Youu go through your school days and learn more about Angelica every day. You teach her more things about the human world so she wont be so confused when people talk about them. She's a quick learner. Shes turning out to be more like a girl then a robot. You have a fun time and stay after school sometimes to watch your school teams play. She's a really nice girl. But you wonder why she came here in the first place though. "If she's here then there has to be something going on..." You thought.
  4. One day your walking homes and you see James walking too. "What is James doing here?" You thought. "I belive that he has something..." Angelica said as if she read your mind. She walked over to him. You followed her. "James give me the knife." She said to him. He looked at her with a "what?" expression. "I sense that you have a knife or been with someone who has...." Angelica said. "Look I don't know what your talking about." He said. He was walking away when she said "How's your little brother Collen been doing?" She asked. James got a little tense. "He's been cutting hasn't he?" She said. "How do you know that?" James said. "I can just see it. Now why is he cutting?" Angelica asked. "Can we talk about this at a different place?" James asked. She nodded and led him to her house. "Okay what happened?" Angelica asked.
  5. "Okay before I answer your question. May I ask you how do you know about my brother cutting?" He said. "Because I see it in your soul.." She replied. "Okay.....well it all started when I was younger and my mom was being abused by my dad. He started to cut himself from there. She and my dad got a devorce and he stopped then I just found out that he's cutting again." James said. Angelica nodded. "So what are you? The first couple weeks of school your all quiet and don't speak to anyone. Then one day you come to school Smoking hot and still don't talk with anyone. I invite you to my party and you help me clean up and the next day you have me confess. Then I'm walking and you pop up saying that something is wrong in my life and your right! So are you like sometype of being or some really interesting chick?" James asked. Angelica looked at him and said "I'm an angel" "I don't think thats a good idea-" Your about to say. Jame's eyes grew wide and he said "Okay I was exspecting like a vampire or werewolf but an angel? Like from heven?" Angelica nodded "I was sent down here for a mission." She said. "What mission?" He asked. "I do not know." She replied.
  6. "You don't know why your here on earth?" James asked. "I do not. I just know that I have to be down here for a reason. We don't know everything." She said. "But why do you think your down here?" James asked. She looked down and said "What I think?" James saw how she was thinking and said "Okay we got a little Cass angel in female form." You smiled at the joke. "I don't think that I'm and actor....." She said. "Your not an actor. But if you were you'd probably be a terminator or a robot." James said.
  7. "Well Angelica I know your an angel and your probably suppose to be honest but I don't think its a good idea to tell random people that your an angel." You told her. She nodded. "I'm not a random person." James said. "I'm starting to wonder why your so popular." You said to him. "I dunno." James shrugged. Angelica looked down as if she was still thinking. "Angelica is everything okay?" You asked her. She looked up and nodded.
  8. "Well I'm guessing that you don't want me to tell people?" James said. You nodded. "I'll see you guys tomarrow." Angelica said. You said your good-byes and left. You went to bed and went to sleep in your own bed. You wake up in the middle of the night feeling that someone is watching you. You look around your dark room and see red glowing eyes. You turn on you lamp stand and see that the eyes are gone. You turn it off and see them again. You blink and they are gone. "Thats weird..." You think.
  9. You wake up in the morning and go to school as always. Your earlier then normal. You sit on a bench and see Angelica. She's walking by herself and Leo, one of the most popular guys in school walks up to her and says something to her. He has black hair(kinda like smooth but has little spiked up bangs.) With tanned skin and brown eyes. He had a leather jacket with jeans and a red shirt. He talked to her and she nodded and he left. You waited for her to walk to you which she did. "So what did Leo want?" You asked her. "He asked me to go out on a date with him." She said. "Did you say yes?" You asked her. She nodded. "You don't know what a date is do you?" You asked her. She shook her head.
  10. Hi! Thats the end of part 2! Part 3 will be out soon!

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