Life has more meaning to it (Part 5)

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Hi! Part 5 is here! Hope you enjoy it! Do you like your life in this quiz? Did you find the true meaning to it? Lets see and find out! Your friend Angelica is an angel and you just met her hot brother and your hanging up in the clouds!

Rate and comment if you please! I don't care if you don't but it helps me to continue this series! So have a fun time and lets see if you like your life in this quiz!

Created by: Wolfygirl
  1. You walked around the cloud and looked at the big world under you. The cloud seems so small down on the ground but it was like a Arrowhead mall in Arizona(Its pretty big) You went around the cloud. It didn't really show anything. You saw a little silver door. You were going to open it but a hand prevented you from doing so. You turned around and saw Zekial. He said "Don't go through that door." "Why?" You asked. "Part of heven's weapons are in there. They are relly dangerous." He said. "Then why is it here?" You asked. "The door travels from place to place. Usually when no one is going to open it at the time. And if someone is then it will all disappear somewhere else in the world." He said. He was right you turned to look at the door and it was gone. "Wow" You said. "So what do you need Angelica for?" You asked him. "She needs to be protected. There is a dark evil force growing in the earth. I can't tell whet it is but my more powerful brothers must." He said. "Who are they?" You asked him. "You call them the archangels." He said. "The archangels? You the seven archangels?" You asked. "Yup thats them. They have a feeling of some sort of darkness going on in the earth." He said. "Well is it anything that you guys might know?" You asked. "From what Angelica has told me and what I heard from angels is that people are not really seeing the meaning to their lives. They don't understand how much of a gift life is. How many oportunities it holds." He said. He looked down as if he was deep in thought. "Something that Our Father has given them to learn before they come home..." He said. You notice that he seemed to be talking to himself a little bit. "Are you okay." You asked. "Yeah I'm fine. Need anything just call me." He said and he left you alone.
  2. You walk around and see that it started to get a little dark. You look at the sun and saw that it was gone behind the mountains. You made your way back where the pagusi were. You saw that they were still there and Angelica was petting the brown one that she rode on. "Hi Angelica, I see that your home now." You say. "Not fully but this is as far as you can get to it." She stroke the head of the horse. It was a beautiful site to see. "So how do like the little cloud?" She asked. "Its super cool." You said. Leo walked to her and said "Well Angelica next time when we are back on earth. And when your brother comes to pick you up. You better bring me along" She smiled. And kissed him. Zekial saw and sighed and walked away.
  3. You saw James. He was sitting on the edge looking at the earth with his feet hanging down. You walked next to him "Hi Kate" He said. "Hi James is something wrong?" You asked. "I woke up today knowing that I met a really cute girl with a angel as a friend. Then her friend's brother comes and bring us to spend the night in the clouds. Its just a little impossible day." He said. You smiled and said "Yup, science has told us many things that happened today saying that they are not possible." "Now so what to do now?" He asked. "I dunno, Zekial said that he wanted to protect her. There is some type of dark force that they don't know how to deal with or something. Its angel bussness so I'm gona stay out of it." You say. "Well I can see that Leo and Angelica are heving their fun here. Do you want to?" He asked. "Last night was a dare remember?" You said. "You kissed me at practice and in the hallway" He said. "You kissed me." You say. "So you don't like me?" He asked. "I'm not sure" You say.
  4. You walk away and feel something wet under you. You look at the ground or cloud and see a small puddle. You touched it and felt a weird sensation to jump off the cloud. You looked at the edge and thought "Why would I jump off? Or maybe I need to look at the edge.." You walked to the edge and saw a black cloud. It wasn't in the sky. It was on the ground and a tingle went down your spine. The black aura was around your school. Something told you to go down. You look around and see that no one is around. You feel a warm hand on your shoulder and hear Zekial's voice. "If you jump off you will die from the pressure. Just because your with me and that I using my powers to have all of you on here. It wouldn't be such a good idea to jump off." He said. "But what is that there." You say pointing at the dark cloud. "An evil veil. It means that there is something powerful and dark in that area." He said.
  5. He led you away from the edge and walked away. You followed him. "Is there something else you need?" He asked not looking back. "No just wondering where do I sleep?" You said. "Anywhere. Its soft enough for you to." He said. "Don't angels sleep too?" You asked. "I havn't slept and felt no urge to." He said. "Okay....we good night" You say. "Have pleasent dreams" He said. You looked around and found a spot by the place you saw the door. You layed down and drifted into sleep. You sleep of......
  6. You wake up and stretch. Your about to go do your normal morning daily stuff but you remember that you are on a cloud. You look around and feel hungry. You get up and stretch your legs by walking. You see Angelica walking around with some fruit and vegistables. "Hi" She smiled. "Hi" You replied. "How did you enjoy your sleep?" She asked. You smiled about your dream . "Guess you liked it. Let me guess you have a crush on James and my brother?" She smiled. You blushed and said "No! Okay yes.....but don't tell them..." She said "Just don't think about them too loud." You nodded. "So your brother reads minds?" You asked. "Not exactly, he can only hear your thoughts if you think about them too loud." She explained. "Thanks for the heads up." You say. She nodded.
  7. You smiled and saw Leo walk up behind Angelica and hugged her. She giggled and he kissed her neck. You see Zekial and you sense that he really doesn't like this match up for some reason. He just turns around and sighs as he walks away. Angelica notices and just ignores him. "Is something wrong with your brother?" You asked her. "He's just acting like him. Its his usual look." She smiled and Leo kissed her cheek.
  8. James walks next to you and notices Leo and his girlfriend. He looks a little uncomfortable so he leaves. You leave them alone to have their little fun. "Why can't I have that type of relationship with someone...." You thought. You then notice that Zekial was around and that he heard your thought. "I see what Angelica ment by keeping my thoughts quiet......" You thought. You blush a little and walk away rapidly.
  9. "Why do I do this to myself..." You think. You then feel a nice warm hand on your shoulder. You turn around and see Zekial. "Maybe you should learn how to keep your thoughts a little quiet. Many creatures or enamies could use that against you." He said. You turned your head around so he wont see you blush. Your heart started to do leaps. "Why are you getting nervous around this guy. He's just and angel. He's an angel alright a super hot angel who can hear me thinking out loud! Wait am I thinking out loud now? OMG he probably hear my thoughts right now! I'm freaking out!" "Now I can't hear you anymore. Continue doing what your doing." He said.
  10. Hi! Thats the end of part 5!

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