Are you a 90's kid??

A 90's kid is someone who was born and grew up in the 90's. Not much of them are crazy into hannah montana or MySpace. We like 90's things! AOL, Classic disney, Nicolodean.

So are you one of the 90's crowd? Lets figure it out! Were coverin' almost all of the 90's era! Thanx to this quiz, you can now know! :) thanks for taking it!

Created by: lala4567
  1. Finsih this line: In West Philadelphia born and raised ________
  2. Who kills Mufasa?
  3. Who voices the Genie in Aladdin?
  4. Did you ever own a Tamagotchi?
  5. Who is Mariah Carey?
  6. Tale as old as _______
  7. Did you watch Disney's Recess?
  8. Was "The Men in Black" made in the 90's
  9. Who is Will Smith?
  10. Did you watch the rugrats?

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Quiz topic: Am I a 90's kid??