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  • flame_97
    "And then i was sitting next to my crush and he showed me he had the card "girlfriends" The next theme was evil, and he put it in and when Is..."
  • flame_97
    "No, the card said boyfriends because it was a girl judge"
  • flame_97
    "And so for the theme pleasant, my friend put in the card Grilfriends and we all cracked up."
  • flame_97
    "The FUNNIEST thing happened yesterday. So me, my crush, and some of my friends were playing Apples to Apples..."
  • hello kiddies!
    "*pulls back string of bow* I already know how to kill things."
  • Who else wants to...
    "Lol, I really don't care... if I am, it's creepy. If I'm not, a babe list is still creepy."
  • "Hug because you are really nice and cool"
  • "I die laughing every time I see this"
  • flame_97
    "This is... odd... a babe list? o_o"
  • Continue the story...
    "I could feel blood pounding through my heart as I grasped for a way to get out"
  • Contest
    "Name: Lexi Potter Gender: Female Age: 26 Hair color: Natural red Eye color: Chocolate brown Skin color: S"
  • Soap, anybody?
    "(Yes we are... right??)"
  • role play
    "Yes (it is Beatle Obsessed/Lexi's other account)"
  • Soap, anybody?
  • Soap, anybody?
    "(Yeah, there are. My dad has one) I step back and pull back my arrow. I shoot and hit in dead center. (Omg I g2g again!! I will be on in a f..."

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